Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Desserts

Well, I just figured out what I will be making for dessert for our Christmas party! I will be adapting a recipe that I found for eggnog cranberry cheesecake! Yum, yum, yum! I really hope it turns out! It certainly is not the healthiest option, but I always do something special for the holidays and I am pretty sure that my guests will make sure there is nothing left for me to binge on after our gathering. It feels good to be planning on a little indulgence without the worry of leftovers.

- 8 glasses of water
- 1 banana
- 1 toasted raisin bagel with cheese slices
- 3/4 cup fat free vanilla yogurt with 1 cup wheat flake granola cereal
- 1 pumpkin pie fruit and grain bar
- 1 fried quesadilla with 2 soft tortilla shells and cheese
- 2 Mandarin oranges
- 3 1/2 cups celery, carrots, tomato, and cucumber with creamy dill dip

- 30 minutes of walking completed in 2 outings (both 15 minutes long)


  1. It is amazing how you can go from eating all that sugar and so few fruits/veggies, just about a week ago, to eating the way you are now, and you don't seem to be slipping up at all! Like flipping a switch! Your willpower is admirable.

  2. The cheese cake sound amazing.

  3. You are stronger than me. I have not allowed a single piece of candy into this house, for I don't trust myself to be strong enough to ignore it. And you are making that decadent cheesecake? For me, that would be like going to a gunfight without any bullets.

  4. I only say this because my trainer nags me .... are you getting enough protein? Otherwise you are doing great.

  5. I've been wishing for fruitcake. Yep, love the stuff. Wish I had someone to give it to after I cut off one slice. I looked at the stats and it is 420 calories for one serving. Sigh. You are rocking again! Go 266.

  6. I think we decide to decide. and you have decided to eat less. Great food list again. And just because we are on a diet deosn't mean everyone is. I will be making a cinnamon bun bunt ring for Christmas with cream cheese frosting for the kids. killer ;oP