Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let's Try This

Okay. I have all of the junk in the house packed up and ready to go to my husband’s work. Onward!

- 8 glasses of water
- 1/2 piece pita bread
- 1 cup roast lamb
- 1/4 roast potato
- 1 glass of eggnog
- 6 chocolate doughnut holes with icing
- 3 homemade lavender shortbread cookies
- 30 vegetable crackers with cream cheese
- 4 pieces of almond roca
- 4 chocolates with peppermint filling
- 1 large glass of a piña colada slushy drink
- 12 inch sub on a white bun with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise
- 1 mug eggnog steamed skim milk
- 1 bite of a glazed doughnut
- 1/4 cup smokehouse almonds
- 3 chocolates with chocolate filling
- 2 chocolates with peanut butter filling
- 3 chocolates with maple filling
- 2 chocolate peppermint sticks

- 10 squats


  1. you're so honest with all your food! a bite of this a sip of that...i'd normally let those go but i guess you're right, they do count!

  2. I had to call my sister for help in throwing away a pan of brownies this week. Could not do this by myself, so she walked me through it. Have to get this junk food out of my house too. It's tough for all of us this time of year. Let this New Year be a continuation of healthy eating and living for both of us. Your weight loss victories are fantastic!

  3. I agree with BELLALOVES2LOSE, good for you for counting those bites and sips, they do add up!

  4. I need to do the same thing. You have inspired me to write down everything that goes in my mouth, even water. It's helping me a lot. Thank you!

  5. Way to go. I'm with you on getting the junk out of the house!! We can do this!!

    Stay focused!

  6. When will you be updating your weight?

  7. Happy New Year, babe! I can't wait to be like you this year and kick some major butt/weight. own butt really.


  8. On december 26th I said "Okay kids...anything not eaten by midnight is getting chucked in the garbage."
    It helps to clear your environment of crap.
    happy new year.

  9. Fantastic idea. Send it away where others will enjoy it and it will not be calling you to eat it.

    I love the fact that you are so honest about blogging your food intake. After all, who would you be fooling - yourself. I am a bit suspicious of those who say the NEVER fall off the wagon one bit (those that have over 50 lbs, to lose, that is). My hat is off to them for sure and they must have will power of steel and they never get themselves caught in a situation where healthy food isn't available. I'm of the idea if you bite it, you write it. I think sometimes people can nibble here and there and not even notice.

    Best of luck to you in 2011. Looking forward to sharing your accomplishments.

  10. I guess the sugar demon got you again. :( Anyyway, here's to better things for all of us in 2011. I hope you will continue your honest posting and also update your weight for Jan 1, 2011. I think honesty should include that, too.

    Happy New Year--and a Health-increasing one-- to all.

  11. What about going hard core sugar free for 2011???? I am considering this...wanna join me? I hear it's great, living sugar free.

  12. You just keep working the plan. You know how to do it, and you know it works.

    Good move by you, getting rid of the food demons in your house.