Monday, December 6, 2010


I don't have a lot to say after my earlier post. I am still sorting through stuff...

- 8 glasses of water
- 2 butter popcorn rice cakes
- 2 toasted English muffins with egg, bacon, cheese, and margarine
- 2 almond cookies
- 1 gingerbread man with icing and candy decorations
- 1 piece of apple strudel with drizzled icing
- 2 sandwiches on onion buns with cheese slices, light mayonnaise, and margarine
- 1 whipped cream doughnut with powdered sugar
- 1 cup pretzels
- 2 caramel cookies
- 2 shortbread cookies with vanilla icing
- 1 coconut cookie with chocolate icing
- 1 shortbread cookie with lemon icing
- 1 1/2 cups steamed broccoli with cheese sauce
- 1 small scoop of rum and raisin ice cream, 1 small scoop of granny smith apple ice cream, and 1 small scoop of tiramisu ice cream on a waffle ice cream cone
- 1 shortbread cookie with jam

- 15 minute walk


  1. 266,

    I deleted your blog from my blog a few weeks ago but I often think about you and I wanted to check in on you. I deleted your blog because I could not take your daily doom and gloom. You have had nothing positive to say since your friends wedding. I still admire you and your honesty and hope that you get out of your funk soon. You have inspired so many people and you have a ton of supporters. They love you.

    I will check-in every once awhile on you and continue to support you on your journey.

  2. Hang in - with us and mostly with yourself. You are truly courageous to list your food daily and honestly. I couldn't do that. There is light on the horizon for you - I sense it.

  3. You are a brave and wondful person. Hugs.

  4. Hi.. I have been reading your blog for quite a while. I am not even sure how I stumbled upon it but I have appreciated your honesty as you take this journey. I have struggled with weight my entire life and since being diagnosed with Lupus 15 years ago I have had to take steroids fairly often making weight loss even tougher. This Fall my last child left for college and my husband and I now have an empty nest. Together we have been working on our weight and health. Its this crazy concept... we eat less and move more. No foods are off limits.. we just watch our portions and try to make healthier choices. The biggest thing that has helped us is that we no longer have junk in the house. The kids come home from college and complain we have no food! We have plenty of food... just not the kind we used to have. If I make cookies now.. I keep one dozen and freeze the other 2 dozen or give them away. It really has been a lifestyle change. Anyway.. this isnt about me. Its about you. I will continue to read your blog because you are REAL. You are what all of us have experienced and have not had the courage to admit. I would love to see you start posting your weight again. Not because its all about a number.. but because I think being accountable helped you. BTW.. my husband and I have joined T.O.P.S. and the support there is wonderful if you ever decide you are looking for a that type of help. Its Taking Off Pounds Sensibly and its not about losing tons of weight for a specific event or to look good in a pair of jeans. Its about a lifestyle change and realizing you are not alone in your struggles. Good Luck to you and hang in there!

  5. Since you have 500+ followers - there is a lot of support out here for you. We all struggle and you have made such a substantial change that maybe it is taking your head a little while to catch up.

    In all honesty, it has been hard to see you wallowing and posting just little snipets of how you are struggling but never delving into why or how to fix it. I will say I commend you for being so honest about what you are consuming.