Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vicious Circle

A few days ago I decided to take what I can only describe as a food vacation. I have done my very best to loosen my mental concerns around this area because I really have not given myself such a break since beginning this journey back in August of last year. This is not to say that I have eaten well all of the time – in fact, it's no secret that the last couple of months have been really horrible – but I have been far too mindful of what I was eating and I needed to give myself a reprieve.

When every single morsel that goes past your lips is considered in great, over-analytical detail it can become a very painful process for someone who is stuck in the guilty circle of overeating. So I took a few days. And I am very, very glad that I did.

And now its time to get back at it.

- 4 glasses of water
- 2 butter popcorn rice cakes
- 1 banana
- 1 Mandarin orange
- 1 1/4 cups pretzels
- 2 scrambled eggs with cheese
- 1 small glass wild cherry juice
- 1 strawberry cereal bar
- 1 eggnog steamed skim milk
- 1 sandwich on a baguette with turkey, cheese, lettuce, and herb mayonnaise
- 1 large apple fritter
- 1 coconut shortbread cookie topped with jam
- 3/4 of a chocolate ├ęclair
- 2 strawberry milkshakes
- 1 bite of a chocolate frosty
- 1 large lime smoothie
- 5 small slices of pizza bread

- 1 hour of a capoeira class
- 15 minute walk


  1. That is awesome !!! Happy to have you back to read !!!

  2. Woo Hoo!! Getting back at proud of you girl!! :)

  3. Yes!! You'll be feeling SO much better in a day or 2 of healthier eating.
    Your emotions and energy will be great again and you'll be so glad you got back on track. Congratulations!

  4. Glad to hear you're back 266!! I've been reading for the past month (I am a new blogger myself) and I have admired your honesty but I'm even happier to see the new updates!

  5. Just a suggestion, I would go crazy too if I had to constantly write every morsel that goes into my mouth. I have lost over 32 pounds right now and have done it by eating very carefully 1200 calories Monday-Friday, but not counting calories or keeping a food journal at all on the weekends. Mondays are hard, but the break has been worth it for me. Maybe this could work for you too? Hang in there.

  6. I never doubted that you would find your way back on the is full of bumps and sometimes it is easy to veer off track for a bit, you just have to make your way back...sometimes you can get back in a couple of days, sometimes a month, sometimes it is even years, but you just have to get back on track and i knew you would!

  7. I'm puzzled again. Only because of the food list not really sounding like you're "back". Unless you mean you aren't going to quit blogging, so you're back in that regard. But you didn't miss any days so I assumed you were continuing anyway. I truly wish you well, but it's too confusing to keep reading for me now. Best of luck.

  8. Now, add some lean proteins and veggies!!! Enough of the only leads to more and more sugar. I truly believe that if you cut out that sugar junk, it will all become easier. I'm rooting for you.

  9. I think 266 made decided this after she already had eaten for the day..I expect to see a significant change on her next post:) susan

  10. it is so hard to post when you have three little one tugging on you. I think you understand what I meant.

    Lori, I did the same as you on plan for 5 days and sensible eating on the weekend. Didn't feel deprived at all and planned our eating out for the weekend.susan

  11. Great, 266! I hope to see better eating logs as the days and weeks progress. Totally agree with the other commenter who encouraged cutting out the sugar. This is clearly your weakness/trigger. You go nuts on sugary treats/desserts. Just cut that out, get your protein and veggies, you sugar-cravings will calm down. Best of luck. Hope to see the healthy-eating 266 back!

  12. Oh please ..... what is wrong with all your people saying she's doing so good. She's back ... back at what?? Look at the food. What is good on there? Sugar, sugar and more sugar. 266 you are a complete joke. I'm starting to believe as another read does that this blog is an experiment. Since you are a writer, you must be working on something. Maybe you're not eating this stuff at all and your weight is right where you want it or else you are so totally out of control you don't know what you are doing.... Mick

  13. I am beginning to believe the same as the commenter above. I have followed you for awhile but over the last few months your posts have been nothing but a few words of doom and gloom and then a list of horrible things that you are eating. It looks like you binge daily on sweets.

    You say you are "back" but you have not updated your weight since October 16th. Your pictures do look digitally modified and you are wearing the same clothes at 254.6 as you at 148.5. How is that possible?

    I challenge you to show me I am wrong!

  14. Seriously? You guys need to back off. Kudos to her for being honest. If you can't say anything supportive then buzz off!