Friday, December 3, 2010

A Necessary Distraction

I am so tired! I was all ready to head to bed over an hour ago because I have an early start in the morning, but – as usual – other things distracted me and now my eyes are scratchy! Ah well… at least I find the things I do interesting and worth investing in. If nothing else, I generally enjoy it when life distracts me so…

- 6 glasses of water
- 3 butter popcorn rice cakes
- 2 glasses cola
- 3 slice cranberry whole wheat toast with margarine
- 5 homemade chocolate marshmallow treats
- 2 slices whole wheat toast with margarine, cinnamon, and sugar
- 1 extra large eggnog milkshake
- 6 pieces of an Alaskan sushi roll with soy sauce
- 6 pieces of a California sushi roll with soy sauce
- 5 pieces of a dynamite sushi roll with soy sauce

- 25 minute walk


  1. I have not posted in a long time but if I were on a several month, 3500-4000 calorie a day binge I would want my friend to plead with me to stop! not tell me what a great job I am doing. Maybe some of you are in the same boat and misery loves company and 266s failure helps you? 266 is killing her self. She is at a high risk for diabetes and cancer. susan b.

  2. agreed susan. you would think one would get used to seeing the incredible amount of daily sugar intake, but it always stuns me. so sad...

  3. If I might reply to the anonymous posters, I think coming to someone's weight loss blog and harping on them about their poor food choices is equivalent to going up to a smoker and saying, "You know, cigarettes are bad for you." They would probably say, "Gee really? I had no idea; let me quit right now!" Sorry for the sarcasm but do you really think trolling a blog with nasty comments is helping? It's not like 266 is stupid. She knows how to lose weight and she knows what healthy food choices are. She did lose over 100 lbs after all. I'm not sure what is going on in her life but guess what, it's none of my business. Like the bible says, let ye who is without sin...(I'm sure you know the rest). My point is whether you give her a tough love approach or an encouraging approach, she is a grown woman and will make her own choices. So why not just stick with the positive and try to encourage her to make better choices instead of tearing her down when she is at a low point. You don't know her or what she might be going through in her life right now. I just wish all the best to everyone. We're all on the same journey here; we should stick together.

  4. Telling 266 to stop won't make her stop--she's not eating this way because she doesn't know it's not good for her. She's likely eating like this because she's experiencing emotional triggers of some kind, like anxiety or stress. I would say that adding to her stress by telling her what she already knows--that this is unhealthy eating--isn't going to help her stop. She seems fully cognizant of what she is doing, and she's being honest with herself and noting it down. When she discovers what's triggering her and can get to a place where she can get a handle on it, or deal with it in a more effective way, then it will stop.

    She's not failing, she's being human. I don't think her putting her menu up is intended to get our approval; it's so that she can remain aware of and recognize her behavior, even if she feels incapable of changing it right now. I think that's very brave.

  5. seriously! i have been thinking the same. saying things like "maybe you should't have sugar in your house" seems so ridiculous. i am pretty sure we all know that we shouldn't have the things we tend to over-eat in our houses. but making that choice is different. like i have said before, if this were easy, we would all be thin.

  6. I agree with what Joy wrote. I don't know 266 too well since I'm a new subscriber, but I don't get why people are hating on her. She's lost over a hundred pounds, so she knows what she needs to do to stay fit. I just don't see how getting on her case is going to do any good. I don't think 266 is stupid; I think she knows when she's eating well and when she isn't, so all the critical comments seem kind of unnecessary -- and a bit sanctimonious, to be honest -- to me, even if the people who write them have good intentions. That's JMO, though.

  7. you people just don't get it. I am not the one that has posted the smartalec remarks. My issue is not with 266 my issue is with people that continue to enable 266 in this behavior. An enabler is associated with people who allow loved ones to behave in ways that are destructive. the enabler may be acting out of love and trying to help or protect a person, but he or she is actually making a chronic problem like an addiction worse. I did not say 266 was sinning nor did I say I was without sin..he who says he has no sins makes God a liar. The Bible also says that the kisses of an enemy are deceitful and the wounds of a friend can be trusted..That last part is key to what I am saying..truth does hurt many times. Of course I know 266 knows she is harming doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Of course I know that she will have to come to place in her life when she says enough is enough..I am not hating her I am exhorting her...that is in the Bible also. Sorry that some of you are unable to understand this. :-)

  8. I don't think 266 is anywhere near the '100 pounds lost' mark anymore. In fact I'll bet you a choc mint McFlurry (sorry 'icecream blend') that she's not.

  9. Of course 266 is no where near the "100 pounds lost" mark anymore. Almost 2 months gone by without a weigh in. I would almost bet a ice cream blend ... whatever the hell that is, that the scale would be in the 170's or more. I know how easy it is to gain weight after such a significant weight loss. You didn't each much for months and now you've gone crazy on the sugar. You're an addict and need to stop or you will definitely be 266 again.

    People need to stop saying things like how your food looks better today. No it does not! Stop eating all that crap with icing on it and ice cream. That would be a start.

    You were once an inspiration. You are not now and the people that say you are are full of it. How can you be an inspiration by losing all your weight and then gaining it back as soon as you can. You're NOT!

  10. I don't know why I am even bothering to post again because you Anonymous posters clearly aren't going to listen to reason but here goes: There is a huge difference between enabling and encouragement. Enabling would consist of us coming on here and telling her that ice cream is a great thing to eat (which none of us ever has). Encouragement consists of us coming on here and saying she had a better day when she has added in fruits, veggies, and exercise...even if the day still includes an "off-plan" treat. A day with fruit and ice cream is still better than a day with no fruit and ice cream. When you have fallen off course, doing small steps is better than not doing anything at all.

    Again, I don't expect any of this to actually get through to you guys but maybe you'll take some advice. How 'bout instead of coming on here and posting anonymously, you all start a blog and post your weight and your daily food intake and then we'll talk? I bet none of you has a pinky fingernail's worth of the courage that 266 has to keep coming back here and checking in and giving full transparency even when she knows she will be lambasted by trolls on the internet. Deal?

  11. I seriously question whether or not this blog is legit. It feels like it's a study in blogging behaviour. What happens when a successful weight loser/blogger falls off the wagon, but continues to write? The writing has changed SO drastically, as have the comments. The strongly opinionated comments are always anonymous. It's all so bizarre. If my hunch is right, it's very disappointing.

  12. I actually have a different way of looking at it. I think both comments are necessary--the ones that point out the positive AND the ones that are exhortation and, to carry the Biblical allusion even farther, since y'all brought it up, correction and prophesy. Continue on this path and the weight will all be regained.

    If someone in the church is banging their married neighbor, would you commend them cause they only banged teh neighbor THREE times this week as opposed to five. Maybe. You may say, "Yes, you need to break it off. YOu're seeing them less. That's good. Put more distance." Those would be the people gifted in a different way than, say, those who'd say: "Um, you're doing something that is self-destructive and hurtful and wrong. Please, please, find a way to stop before it's TOO LATE and greater damage is done."

    In my opinion, BOTH types of people serve a purpose. One keeps the person from giving up altogether, one warns them of impending doom.

    If God can give different gifts, rather than arguing about whose method is better, why not just let people use the method they're best-suited for. The ones warning and the ones encouraging.

    And if this blog is an experiment, hot-dang, someone is patient...

  13. The problem I have with the Anonymous posters is that it's not really like they are even taking a "tough love" approach although I did call it that before. Coming on here and saying things like "Don't do it; you worked so hard to get the weight off in the first place" would be one thing but that's not what they do. They come on here and say things like "Oh I bet two cups of ice cream blend that she has gained 30 lbs over the last couple of months" which is snarky and not helping anyone. Look, we have all fallen off the wagon at some point; do you honestly think any of us doesn't know what we are doing at the time? Coming on here and absolutely tearing down a woman and ridiculing what she is doing is NOT helpful. Would they prefer she not blog through her struggles at all? It's her effin blog; let her do what she wants with it.

    Also, I fundamentally disagree with the analogy that Princess Dieter used. If you want to follow with that analogy, I guess if a serial killer only kills one person a week instead of 5, then that is an improvement also? That's clearly not what I was saying and. While eating can be self-destructive, you can't just compare it to all other destructive sins. It doesn't work that way.

    If you went around to every weight-loss blogger and asked them what would be more encouraging, some anonymous a-hole leaving notes on their desk at work telling them what a fat ass they are or encouraging them because they saw them eating a little healthier that day, what do you think they would say? I would bet a million to one that they would find the encouraging anonymity better than the hurtful anonymity.

    Like I said before, I wouldn't even mind the anonymity so much if they had balls enough to have their own profile and share with the world their eating habits. But they are obviously cowards so best of luck to them with whatever is going on in their life to make them such hateful people on the internet. JMHO!

  14. I totally agree snarkyness is NOT at all helpful OR respectful. I give 266 props for being honest. Some people take that honesty and turn it into an excuse for ridicule. Others, like me, just feel sad that an overcoming success is turning into a backsliding event. But I know that having made such enormous change, 266 WILL get it together. Well, I keep the hope. She's inspired many, and I believe this is temporary.

    But hey, I still believe that what some consider really snarky, to that snarky person may be tough love. I don't like snark or kicking someone when they're down, but from their perspective, it may be "intervention" style toughness.

    I have occasionally used the anonymous posting cause I was signed on and doing something in another email account and not the Princess Dieter one. Not to hide my identity, but just for convenience's sake. So, maybe some anonymous posters just don't have blogs, etc. Then again, they just may be wusses who are only brave enough to say something when a face/name is not attached. :)

    And while my dieting identity is PD, my blog has my face ( and distressingly fat body) in full display.