Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yuletide Cheer

Well, even though tonight means that I probably gained back what I have lost from following a healthier diet this week, I actually don’t think I did too badly this evening. It was our big Christmas party with lots of homemade treats and delicious dinnertime favourites. I did show a little restraint though. I was even given a bottle of ice wine as a hostess gift, but I didn’t even open it! All in all it was a wonderful night with family and friends. Regardless of what the scale says tomorrow, I am thrilled that the night was so much fun!

- 10 glasses of water
- 1 orange
- 2 slices whole grain toast with cheese
- 4 homemade pull apart buns with butter
- 15 whole grain cranberry crackers with herb cheese
- 2 slices honey mustard glazed ham with mustard
- 1 cup cheese scalloped potatoes
- 1 cup Caesar salad with bacon, cheese, croutons, and light dressing
- 1 cup steamed broccoli with dill cream sauce
- 4 gherkin pickles
- 1 slice homemade cranberry eggnog cheesecake with a chocolate crust and whipped cream
- 2 homemade chocolate peppermint cookies
- 2 homemade lavender shortbread cookies
- 1 homemade sugar cookie with icing and sprinkles
- 1/2 cup chocolate mints

- 10 squats


  1. That is really good for a holiday party! Way to go! This is a totally sincere question and not one meant in any sort of attacking tone, but why won't you post your weight? From your post I gather that you're not avoiding the scale completely, so why not share it with your readers who have and continue to follow you on this journey?

  2. So, how did your cheesecake go over? I hope it was a hit!

    You did really well. Parties are hard for me. Even if I can resist, sometimes that spurs me on to eat at home because of the stress of so much human interaction. Plus my youngest's disabilities make crowds hard for her.

    I usually get home frazzled, and look at my disastrous cooking mess and fight off my mental "eating" demons that gnaw on my thoughts. So. I'm proud of you for having limits. I know baking cookies for my kids' class was [almost] a waistline disaster. (I've hidden them outside in the freezer for now)

  3. Very nice indeed! And you included a cup of broccoli in your day. Love it!!!

  4. I agree with the first anonymous regarding sharing your weight. It's hard for new dieters to understand how quickly weight can creep back on after a major loss of poundage, and some people will judge you, I suppose, but mostly folks will applaud you for being honest about that aspect of this effort.

  5. From one anonymous to another....SUUUUTTT UPP WITH THE WEIGH IN! What is it to you??? If 266 decided to post her lbs up or lbs down without posting the actual weight you would still be BUUGGGED! Not your force anyone to do anything..don't you get it. Sorry I had to vent whew..Gooooo 266. This is a lifetime journey. You don't just finish one day..maintenace is work to.