Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weigh-In For Week 38

Eeek! It’s the first weigh-in of the month which means I am to update my measurements and post a new progress shot! Good thing I thought ahead so that I got up early enough to make all that happen. I am now on my way out the door to my very first dragon boating regatta so I really have to get going (and, yes, although I’m not at one hundred percent, I am feeling much better than I did last night)! I’m so excited for what the day will bring; I can’t believe that I have gotten to a point where I am competing in team sports!

Weight - 144.4 lbs (-110.2 from start / -6.0 from April)
Bust - 36.5 inches (-13.5 from start / -0.5 from April)
Waist - 31.5 inches (-16.5 from start / -1.0 from April)
Hips - 39.5 inches (-15.5 from start / -1.0 from April)
Arms - 13.0 inches (-4.5 from start / -0.5 from April)
Thighs - 22.5 inches (-10.0 from start / -1.0 from April)
BMI - 22.6 (-17.3 from start / -1.0 from April)


  1. Awesome! Hope the regatta goes off well. Good luck and take care! You looking great!!

  2. Congratulations! Your pictures are absolutely inspiring. I often send your blog link to people who say it can't be done!!

    Thank you also for the beautiful award a few posts back. You are too kind.

  3. Hi, I'm new to reading your blog. I just wanted to say congratulations on your weight loss! You are an inspiration to folks like myself who are just starting out. Thank you!

  4. You look fabulous! I am so excited about the Dragon Boat Racing. My sister competes from Perth, Australia. She is in a boat that rows for Breast Cancer. Most of them are cancer survivors (although she has not had cancer). I had never heard of it before she did it. What a fabulous way to be fit and have fun. You go girl!

  5. Hope you are having a great day, that latest photo is wonderful. Just looking at the numbers, they are AMAZING!!! You have lost 60 inches!!!

    You are a Skinny Minx!!!



  6. You own this, now.
    It's YOURS! Awesome progress!
    Glad you feel better, too!

  7. First.. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, congrats!!!!

    Can't wait to hear about dragon boating!!!!

  8. wow! You look great, so slender...
    that is the word I am always looking for. Slender.
    You look it.
    Great job on the 6 lb loss.
    Have fun boating.

  9. You are so amazing! Congratulations!!!

  10. Happy dragon boating!

    We need a stop action reel of your progress pics!

  11. Wow! You look great. :) I am so inspired!

  12. *Claps*

    Well done, you go girl!!!!

  13. May I just say: You look MARVELOUS!

  14. Congratulations you just look fantastic and it have to feel awesome.

  15. You look awesome girl great job!!!

  16. I've left you a little something on my blog. I hope you like it!

  17. I have been following since the beginning and I am always amazed every single month. You look awesome!
    You should do the beginning and current month side by side and post that. WOW

  18. Gorgeous. Amazing. You are at my final goal weight. I hope I look as good as you when I reach it!

  19. Seriously blushing here, folks! You are all SO sweet!!!

    Thanks, Diane; that means a lot coming from you!