Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weigh-In For Week 40

I am heading out for yet another busy day, but I have just enough time to report that I am down to an even 142 for a weekly loss of 1.6 pounds. That means that I have less than ten pounds to go until I pass the point where I will have lost more than I weigh! I never thought I would be here! It doesn’t really matter if I make it over that line or not; wherever my weight tapers off is fine with me at this point. But, it is still exciting to know that I am so close!


  1. Close and there, for all practical purposes!
    Congrats on a good job!

  2. Yoou are awesome & amazing!!!!!!! AND, love you in that dress on your previous post! HOT! I am surprised you got out of the house! :-)

  3. Wow - you are amazing. It doesn't slow down for you. I wish my body would do the same!!!

  4. Double wow! You are so encouraging to me as I am on the other end of those numbers. I know that numbers should not dictate but they are an encouragement and a marker of progress :)

  5. go go go..YOu are doing so well.
    And you are right. It doesn't matter at what 'number' you stop. It matters that you made it happen.
    great job.

  6. What an accomplishment! You should be so proud!! Your body will tell you when you are at your ideal weight.