Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tardy Slip

I am very, very late posting! This should have been up before I went to bed last night! At least my tardiness is for a fairly good reason...

When I got back from my dragon boating regatta yesterday - we placed first in the 'C' division which is okay considering we were a group comprised of members from several other teams, thrown together just to race in a woman's only competition - my husband treated me to an incredible hot stone massage. Needless to say, moving to the computer and typing out a post just didn't rank very high on my priority list following that! Then today, I got wrapped up in a few different projects, the main thing being that I created a very fancy meal (given that I really do not often venture into the realm of actual cooking) so that my hubby and I could enjoy a romantic feast for just the two of us. So, yes, while I feel a little bad that this is going up so late, I feel wonderful about the reasons why!

- 7 glasses of water
- 2 slices whole wheat toast with light peanut butter and light strawberry jam
- 1 toasted English muffin with egg, bacon, cheese, and margarine
- 1 large golden delicious apple
- 2 slices homemade pumpkin loaf
- 2 miniature bagels with light cream cheese
- 1 slice homemade banana bread
- 1 large mug coconut steamed soy milk
- 1 bit strawberry chocolate cake
- 1/2 cup pretzel sticks
- 5 nacho chips
- 1/2 cup soy bean trail mix
- 2 sweet and salty chewy peanut granola bars
- 15 vegetable crackers with soft cheese
- 3/4 cup low fat piƱa colada yogurt with 1 cup wheat flake cereal
- 1 cup minced ground beef with corn and onions
- 1 cup creamy Parmesan pasta
- 2 cups mint chocolate bar ice cream blend

- 6.5 hours at a dragon boating regatta (approximately 30 minutes on the water)


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