Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Trip To The Zoo

It was another busy day! And I’m afraid my precious time may just be getting more and more used up by all the different things going on in my life! Yikes!

It’s so hard to find the opportunities necessary to be successful at this. I pretty much wrote the same thing yesterday. At times it comes easy, but there are other periods where it is really difficult to make happen what must in order to see progress.

I managed to get a walk in last night. I stopped writing and hauled my behind up off the seat to go outside and stroll around the neighbourhood. Tonight, the furthest that my derriere is going to travel is over to the bed.

Some days I’m the hare, some days I’m the turtle, and some days I can’t even be bothered to check the mirror to see what animal is staring back…

- 9 glasses of water
- 2/3 cup blackberries
- 1 pan-fried banana and light peanut butter wrap on a soft tortilla shell
- 2 slices whole wheat toast with light peanut butter and light strawberry jam
- 1 sandwich on a Kaiser bun with deli turkey, cheese, dried cranberries, fat free Miracle Whip, mustard, and pepper
- 1 cranberry almond multi-grain bar
- 1 cup pasta with creamy Parmesan sauce
- 1 breaded pork chop
- 1 cup steamed broccoli, onion, and green beans with margarine
- 2 cups mint chocolate bar ice cream blend
- 1 piece of a Rice Krispie treat square

- 10 squats


  1. You remind me of the song by Mary Chapin Carpenter, "Sometimes you're the windshield, Sometimes you're the bug"... extreme busyness does complicate one's efforts in the weight loss and fitness realm. BTW, I haven't commented in a long time but read you often. Loved your inspiring video - what awesome progress you've made. I hope I can make one some day, though I have no idea how to do it!

  2. I know how you feel! I just always try to make time for me no matter what.