Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Close Only Counts In Horseshoes

When I was sick on Monday, I had my husband bring me home a 2-liter of ginger ale because that has always been my beverage of choice for calming an upset stomach. Yesterday, when I went to have some in the morning I had a very, very scary moment. I took it out of the fridge and started to walk into the living room with it. That’s what I used to do when I drank pop all the time. I wouldn’t waste my time with doling out the liquid into glasses. No! I would just drink straight from the huge bottle it came in since I was going to go through it fast enough that nobody else would get the chance to have any of it anyhow. And I almost defaulted to that action yesterday. Almost. I’m hoping that was the wake up call I needed. I am not the person who has those types of habits anymore and I have no intention of reforming anything even close to those behaviours again. I have come too far!

- 3 glasses of water
- 1 banana
- 3/4 cup fat free field berry yogurt
- 3 caramel chocolate chip rice cakes
- 1 large golden delicious apple
- 1 teriyaki chicken wrap on a soft tortilla shell with rice, spinach, and yellow and red peppers
- 9 pieces of a California sushi roll with soy sauce
- 2 cups mint chocolate bar ice cream blend

- 35 minute walk


  1. I thought that ginger ale was the key.

  2. Well done. Food looks much better. Keep going. You can do this.

  3. A wake up call - for alot of us!
    Wake up!

  4. Food list is MUCH shorter today, with much less sugar....and a nice 35 min walk in there as well....good for you girl! :)

  5. Can you PLEASE address your comments?!?! Do you care what your readers have taken their time and heart to post?

  6. tummy ache all gone? pitch the ale it is now your enemy. icecream also!

  7. I agree about ditching the ice cream. 2 cups .... wow, that's a lot of ice cream. If it's really necessary, try 1/2 cup or 1 cup and maybe eat frozen yogurt instead. You have done very poorly lately. You are on an absolute BINGE. There is no doubt about it. Step up to the plate, or should I say ... the scale and be accountable.

    You have many followers who have been behind you all the way following through your journey. Show some respect and address our concerns and get on the damn scale and post it. Maybe with our encouragement you will get back to where you were.

  8. To the Anonymous posters.....why do you post under the name Anonymous? If you're speaking to my friend out of true concern, then don't hide. You're using the Anon name to hide behind so you can beat up on her a little. First of all, she owes "us" nothing...NOTHING. If she wants to use this blog as her daily journal, during good AND bad phases, she should be able to w/o being called out by anyone else. She should also choose whether or not she wants to post her weight on her OWN blog. Keeping a blog record will always be a personal choice, no matter how many people you end up inspiring, or who end up following you over the course of it. Nobody owes any follower anything. The only one they need impress is themselves.

    I know there are some followers, like myself, who are truly concerned for her. I also know there are some "anonymous" followers (who I bet weren't anonymous when she was doing really well), who are using this opporunity during her struggle to beat up on her a little and pass their judgement. There should be no judgement here....but if you just can't help yourself, you should do it under a name that she can contact you at and either return the favor, or address you and your comments as she sees fit.

    I'm personally hoping she gets tired of it very soon and blocks all comments from anonymous bloggers.

  9. What Tammy said!

    Why should she address all of the anonymous "concerns"?

    This food list is looking much better - you're coming back - GOOD FOR YOU!

  10. Congratulations on recognizing an old bad habit and preventing it from returning! Those habits are so ingrained, we can fall back on them without realizing, almost on auto-pilot.

    Your food list looks MUCH healthier (aside from the ice cream) and it's good to see you got a walk in today. I will suggest you increase your water intake though, 3 glasses is not really enough to stay properly hydrated. Your body needs water to function optimally and your skin and energy level will improve too.

    Overall though, this day is so encouraging, I really hope you have more "light bulb" moments like this leading you back to the right path.

    Rooting for you every step of the way... Fox.

  11. Hi 266,

    Just stumble upon your blog via search engine. I am hoping to lose some pounds and will definately read through your blog!

    Love your anniversary presentation video!

  12. Great save with catching the old behavior! Love your blog, you're such an inspiration.

  13. You did much better except for the pint of ice cream. Is your freezer filled with it or do you go out EVERY day and buy it?
    I really love ice cream too but when I eat sugar I get SO hungry after. I find it so much easier for me to keep those treats far away from my home.
    Just a suggestion.
    I am a huge fan of you!

  14. Tammy you to should be carefull about passing judgement, not all the anonymous posts are as harsh as the one above. I agree, you can't shame someone into submission, it is really only 266' buisness if she wants to post at all. I remain anonymous because I have foster babies and adopted children in my home. Some of their parents have just been released from prison for assiting in murder..We should all be slow to speak. :)

  15. I think you are doing such a good job holding yourself accountable by putting what you are eating even though it hasn't been that great of things right now. Good for you.

    You have inspired me to start my own blog about my weight loss! Thank you so much for the encouragement.

  16. Your blog has inspired me to start my own and find it in me to start what I always say I will and for the past 5 years haven't: lose weight the right way. Thank you for posting and being honest and your video was awesome. You are an inspiration.

  17. great job on this day!:] some comments can be no mind, you've come so far. I can see why you don't always comment back.....there are some "weird" people out there hehe