Sunday, November 7, 2010

Watch Out

It was a strange day. I didn’t think about food as much as I normally do because my focus was elsewhere. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not though. While I would love to get to a point where my eating is more instinctual again, I am not necessarily happy with the choices that I made today. I think I need to pay more attention…

- 2 glasses of water
- 1 toasted whole wheat English muffin with light peanut butter and light strawberry jam
- 1/3 glass beer
- 4 cups chicken chow mein in black bean sauce
- 1 pumpkin scone with icing
- 1 mug eggnog steamed skim milk
- 3 homemade peanut butter cups
- 1 glass sparkling apple juice
- 1/2 cup moussaka
- 1/2 cup roast potatoes
- 1 cup Greek salad with feta cheese and dressing
- 1 glass sparkling pomegranate apple juice
- 1 cup jell-o dessert with whipped topping
- 3/4 cup sweet potato fries with spicy mayonnaise

- 20 minute walk
- 1 hour of rowing a dragon boat in 2 outings (40 minutes long and 20 minutes long)


  1. I just started to watch out for my diet today and it was horrible! I found out that I actually consumed additional 2000 calories today by using myfitnesspal. =( this is so sad!

  2. You'll get back - you have it in you, and your commitment to honesty about what you're doing is great. The truth will set us free.

    In all honesty, I get as much inspiration and support from someone who has had remarkable success and still struggles as from someone who seems to get it all together during the succesful decline on the scale. For most of us, this is not a linear process - one then done. It's a journey that often meanders off course and we can and will find our way back as long as we don't give up.

  3. May I suggest a book to you? It was such an eye opener to me and it inspired me to get back on this journey once and for all. It's why I have such a better attitude this time around and everytime I read one of your posts I always think of this book and I truly believe it can help you. I know you don't answer comments anymore, and you never mention them on your blog, either. I'm not even sure if you read them, even. Just know that there are so many people in your corner and we all so want you to succeed!! The book is called "Intuitive Eating". Please check it out. It could save your life.