Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On The Bright Side

I am looking at the world with a lot less disdain than I was yesterday, thank goodness! I am, however, exhausted. It was a pretty sleepless night and a very draining emotional stretch. I am going to try to rectify that right now by going to bed while offering myself a slight pat on my own back for not letting the stress cause me to completely lose control in regards to my food intake.

- 6 glasses of water
- 2 cheese rice cakes
- 2 toasted whole wheat English muffins with cheese and salami
- 3 chocolate chip cookies
- 2/3 cup red berry Special K cereal with milk
- 2/3 cup corn flake cereal with milk
- 1 cup steamed broccoli with margarine
- 1/2 cup mashed potatoes with chives and margarine
- 1/2 cup meatloaf with ketchup

- 15 minute walk


  1. Good job on your food choices.

    No matter what mean comments others are giving you, believe in yourself. I know sometimes it's hard to do but you have proven that you are capable.

  2. Good for you, you are an inspiration.



  3. GREAT JOB in not letting the food go off the deep end. Hang in there girl...it always gets better. :)

  4. wow, with the exception of the cookies, you did FREAKIN AWESOME today! GOOD JOB!!!

  5. I am so inspired by you. I'm really struggling right now. I'm so happy to see you here at your blog every day. Not making excuses, and still trying. I love your honesty, and I'm glad that you're feeling better.


  6. You had a GREAT day for eating the right thing!

  7. I am looking forward to a weigh in from you. Even if it's not a loss, even if it's a gain. Weight will always bring us good and bad but don't keep us in the dark because you are an inspiration to so many of us that are following your journey. It's ok to see a gain, if indeed that's why you've stopped posting them, because they can be motivation for an amazing week to follow.

  8. Yay you - no ice cream blend!!!!

  9. Your blog was such a help to get me motivated to lose weight yet again. And I have lost 30 lbs in the past 4 months and still going strong. Hope you have a better day again today! Baby steps....
    ps. the purple is really hard on the eyes when reading the entire blog archives...lol...

  10. So sorry you are struggling and that life is being cruel right now. Congratulations on not allowing that situation affect your healthy eating and exercise.

    I hope that whatever was troubling you is resolved soon and that you can keep up with your vastly improved regimen.

    Best wishes and keep up the good efforts!