Monday, November 1, 2010

Sick To My Stomach

I am feeling so ill! It came out of nowhere! I woke up this morning, after going to bed last night feeling just fine, and was totally nauseous. I haven’t been able to shake the sensation all day. To add insult to injury, I have been drawn to the comfort foods today – which seems to be my inclination whenever I am feeling sick. Ugh! I hope this goes away soon!

- 3 glasses of water
- 6 Rice Krispie treats
- 1 chocolate chip cookie
- 1 cup onion rings with honey mustard sauce
- 1 mug hot chocolate
- 2 cheese scones with margarine
- 1 piece carrot cake with icing
- 3/4 cup fat free peach yogurt with 1 cup granola cereal
- 6 pieces of an Alaskan sushi roll with soy sauce
- 5 pieces of a dynamite sushi roll with soy sauce
- 6 pieces of a California sushi roll with soy sauce
- 2 glasses ginger ale
- 1 cup mint chocolate bar ice cream blend

- 30 minutes of walking completed in 2 outings (both 15 minutes long)


  1. Hello. Discovered your blog some time ago. Have been reading for a while, but think this may be a first time comment.

    Just want to share my concern along with the folks who commented yesterday. It's incredibly brave of you to list everything that you eat. But I must also say that I'm not surprised that your tummy is upset. Much of what you listed yesterday was processed and full of sugar and fat. I didn't quite have a day like that, but I did eat french fries and a small, but very rich dessert yesterday...and this morning am paying the price with an upset tummy.

    You wrote back in July:

    "As far as the eating goes, I generally lean towards whole ingredients. I used to be queen of the microwavable, pre-packaged, high fat and sugar content, fast food junk. Now, I try to consume lots of fruits and vegetables and plain water, of course, but my focus is simply on having items that are less processed and which I usually prepare at home."

    Hope that whatever is going on in your life can include a return to this eating philosophy. Hate to see you derail more than a year's worth of hard work.

    You can do this. Please know that there are people out here on your side and sending you lots of good energy to succeed and be healthy.

  2. Morning sickness?

    Pregnancy or not, this is a good time to take care of your precious body and reap the rewards when you do decide to have a wee one.

    Feel better soon!

  3. I haven't seen a fresh vegetable on your food list in days. Weeks? It's a very good possibility your body is rebelling. Whether you gain the weight back or not I'm afraid you've set yourself down a path towards diabetes, heart disease or even cancer. Our bodies are simply not designed to eat all of this processed junk and still be able to function properly.
    I wish I could reach out and give you a hug. I wisb I could look you in the eye and tell you that you deserve better. That you are capable of so much more.
    If nothing else, consider starting your day off with a green smoothie. Water fruit and a handful of spinach. You can't taste the spinach at all and they really help my sugar cravings.
    Please please start taking care of yourself. Stop using your hectic life as an excuse to sabotage your success.

  4. go jessica! skinny does not guarantee good health..your cells are comprised of what you feed your body..most cancers are 95% based on are lacking vital vit/min your body needs. i went to a w/w meeting one time where a very overweight lady said she figured out she could eat a whole can of pringles and stay within her points..sad and foolish. the only way to cut the craves is to get off the white stuff!:)

  5. post your weight..this could be your reality check. It is no surprise to any of us that it is up we just want you to get back on track. :)

  6. Sorry to hear you're feeling sick today. I hope you're able to pull things together and get back on track soon. I'm always rooting for you girl! :)

  7. Last year, I lost 100 pounds. So far this year, I gained 40. I had a rough year with many illnesses and other things go on, and I know its horribly tough. I do notice that the worse I eat, the worse I begin to feel, and yes, then you want more junk. Isn't it ridiculous how that works? I am thinking it might be that. Maybe just adding some extra water in would help to start with. It usually does me.

    I know all of these people who have seemingly beat you up in comments have your best interest at heart...just keep being honest with your food diary and don't let any one of us stop you from using this blog to your best benefit.

    You'll get back on track. I know you will.

  8. Hope you feel better soon! I've been reading your blog for some time now and I'm routing you on!

  9. I hope you feel better fast. Thinking of you -

  10. Anonymous said...
    Good grief girl...are you there...are you reading these posts...STOP! STOP! STOP! Look at your video again and again and again and get motivated!!!!!:)

  11. Hi, I'm worried too. I wonder why you aren't addressing these comments? Weighing in? You can do this.
    You're in my thoughts.

  12. Are you going to make another video of you gaining all your weight back?
    There is no way you can continue on this destructive path without rapid weight gain.
    I'm not suprised you have a belly ache... I feel sick just reading your food list..

  13. Sorry you are not feeling good and I hope it passes quickly.

    IMO an upset tummy does not do well with high fat food in it. Dessert should be off the menu, ditto anything spicy and I would not recommend sushi on an upset stomach!!!

    Drink plenty of water (sips only to avoid nausea) I notice you only drank 3 glasses today, you will do better to increase that to eight better hydration helps against food cravings too. Keep your food intake simple and very light until you feel well again. Steamed rice, a little grilled chicken, broth or light soup (not a creamy one); these would be better choices for an upset tummy.

    I think this tummy upset might be attributed to the seven days straight of over eating and numerous dessert and cake consumption.

    Although I did notice only ONE cup of ice cream blend today. A small step in the right direction.

    Try not to let your mood and busyness excuse bad food choices...YOU are the one in control. You DECIDE what to eat, the food does not jump into your mouth unbidden. You are not HELPLESS against the desire for sweet foods!

    Ask yourself, is this a WANT or a NEED? Your body NEEDS the good nutrition of vegetables, fruit and lean protein .. You may want, but it does NOT NEED cake or ice cream or cookies.

    I hope you can jump back on the wagon. I see people's frustrated comments.. and I think they need to settle down a little.

    You asked us at the beginning of this journey to help you to be accountable. We are doing that now but you need to do your part too. You need to read and respond to these comments. The advice offered is well meant and with your best interest at heart. Prove in your actions that you are making changes. You cannot just "hope" it will happen by magic.