Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I have been avoiding saying the following because I haven’t wanted to admit that my issues are so big that they need such a resolute statement, but here it is:

This needs to stop!

- 4 glasses of water
- 5 glasses ginger ale
- 2 grilled cheese sandwiches on white bread with margarine and light mayonnaise
- 15 lemon cream cookies
- 1 cup ketchup potato chips
- 1/2 cup roast potatoes with margarine
- 2 roast chicken drumsticks with skin
- 1 cup salt and vinegar potato chips
- 1 glass root beer
- 2 cups mint chocolate bar ice cream blend
- 1 coconut chocolate bar
- 1 piece cherry cheesecake
- 1/4 cup sugar candies
- 3 large white chocolate balls

- 10 squats


  1. You drank a lot of pop. You're right - it has to stop. How bout today you do 10 glasses of water and a lot more exercise and we'll call it a success?

  2. Are you done with your bad eating? Your blog? us? I am assuming it's the food - and therefore, if you are serious, I encourage you to respond to the commenters on your blog. You don't want to lose the people supporting you and taking the time to write - they are trying to keep you accountable. It would be a great STEP in the right direction - and can be done long before you give up your last sugary treat...xx

  3. I KNOW!
    is it us?
    is it something we did? :)

  4. did you go to a party or something? it looks like party food.

  5. Hey,
    I posted a few days ago, but I can’t seem to see that post now for some reason. I am new to your blog. Like, this week new. I stumbled on to it. I read all your old stuff! And then, worked my way forward. I for two days didn’t know what you were currently going through because I was literally only reading old posts. I literally this week decided to start walking this path. FOR real. I am about the same place you were this time last year 215. It sucks, don’t come back here! But You inspired me. Look back inspire yourself.
    I was learning from you. Learning your mind set how you blogged so I could emulate you. I know your human we all are, so no pedestal or anything. For my whole life I lay in bed at night thinking tomorrow is the day…tomorrow I start. I remember reading something you said though… something along the lines, of each decision is a chance to make the right one. That is a really good line, are you believing it now.
    Today, this decision. You can do it…I know you can. I have faith in you- I don’t even know you. But you, have to be ready. You seem like you are!
    Eat some real food. You are starving right now, because there is no nutrition in anything you are eating. And your body is like “feed me lady.” So you do. And fast and something yummy. Start your body off right today!!! Please listen! Drink 2 glasses of water when you wake up! Go to the grocery store today! Buy some PROTEIN. EAT PROTEIN. If you want something sweet try a cliff builder bar 20 grams of PROTEIN.
    I hope this is worth my time I just worked 12 hour night shift and I am hoping to inspire you, if not se la vi. Im going to go home and sleep anyway. (hee) But seriously. I work with children who have cancer and other diseases. They have no control over the fact that they are sick…you and I have our health if we choose it! If we choose to make the right decision, what a gift!
    -your friend hoping to inspire you, not condemn you

  6. PS don't try to change in a day. Start to re- incorporate those great habits that you once mastered. then try to re loose the weight for now, focus on eating real food

  7. wtf... I seriously cant go to sleep. Ok now I'm kinda pissed off. I like my sleep, I literally just got out of my bed, walked down stairs, turned on my computer, just to say one last thing... I doubt you care about what I have to say since i notice you haven't posted back to the people you have been for you the whole treck, but here it is anyway, just so that I can finally sleep.

    Write about your feelings. Get the S":t out of your system. You used to write to us, your hilarious, witty, and a great writer. This is your out let, you used to write in the morning to get your self in the mind set for the day! Please do this...then you would tell us about your awesome walk, and cool stuff in your life. Heck email me your number if you don't feel like writing, I swear I would give you a call in a heart beat if you need to talk, If you wanted to talk! Please today is a new day. Don't put sugar in your mouth!! Write about the temptation if you have to. write about how you feel. We're calling out to you!!!! Were trying to keep you accountable are you listening. We CARE about you!!

  8. Everything that aquariousonwater said! YES!
    I did the same thing.
    I started reading your blog from the beginning and became so inspired that I finally did it! Started eating right and exercising! I even started blogging about it!
    So I'm not going to repeat anything aquariousonwater wrote but would just like to add DITTO!
    And I know that you want to change, am I right? Why would you continue to blog or be so vulnerable otherwise. That's a positive move, right?!
    I hope that if I get off track, people will be brave enough to lovingly be honest and hold me accountable.
    We DO care!

  9. Can we see a "now" picture added to the ones already posted? I find pictures very motivating. It always amazes me the number of Weight Watchers who say their deciding moment was when they saw their vacation pictures. Some even said "Who is that person?"

  10. I know nothing much, but based on my own pain and struggle with food I wrote a post today I wish you'd read. I don't think you've ever read my blog and maybe won't now, but I really truly identify with your struggle. I'm glad you're feeling ready ot acknowledge it. We all know how capable and competent you are in this - and want to offer support and love any way possible. Hang in.

  11. Your motivation is gone. Since the wedding you have been complaining and off your plan. You did not drop the weight for yourself but for others. No one can make it work but you so when that time comes you will know. Myself and others can not tell you one thing that will get you back on track so I wish others would stop trying. Maybe you are on track but you cannot recognize it. I not going to wish you luck because it means nothing to you but I do appreciate your partial honesty about your struggle. You make me really appreciate my life and the direction I have taken.

  12. I would love to see your food list in an organized manner of when you ate it and what you were feeling when you did - putting feelings behind foods always helps for me.

    And come back and put your weekly weights here - make yourself accountable in front of all of us. We know you are struggling and we want to help.

  13. I hope you done with losing self-control and not with the battle of weight control. You can do this. You are doing it. I believe in you. You believe in you. Remember your encouraging emails to me??? You helped me. Let us help you. Come on, we can do this, together.

  14. First, stay accountable as you have been. Post your weigh-in.

    Second: Look at what you've been eating. It's crap. Really crappy. Chips, cookies, soda, white bread, etc.

    I've seen it happening, but didn't comment, as I figured you'd realize it soon enough. You have now. You're up, what, 10 lbs? Okay, so you stop now. Throw out the cookies, chips, soda and white bread. Eat better. Get veggies and fruit in. Get protein in. You'll be back to your sound self within a month or two of sound eating.

    I agree with the commenter who said you just aren't nourished. I'll also add you have a carb/sugar snacking thing. right now...throw out anything like that in the house and find another sandwich to have other than the cheese/mayo/margarine/white bread crap. Go buy good stuff. Eat good stuff.

    You'll be fine. :)

  15. I had to come back and ask one question. How do you find the time to eat all this food? Please tell me! Please forgive me because I am not trying to mean but your list is overwhelming.

  16. honesty is the best thing. I think you got to goal and had no where to go. You will figure this out. You are a smart cookie...
    and as I was looking at your food list my only thought was..
    YOu must love ginger ale. lol.
    IT is tasty.

  17. I miss your blog... I miss your strength... I miss your personality... I miss your energy.. I miss the hope you gave me... I miss your stories... I miss your success...I miss it all.