Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Need A Time Out

Something has been bothering me since last night. I was perusing the blogs that I frequent and came across a great post by Diane at Fit To The Finish on the importance of taking time out of your busy schedule on a regular basis to just do something for yourself. The article culminated in a seemingly simple question posed to the reader, asking what their favorite thing to do for themselves might be.

I had no answer.

I thought for quite a while about the query, trying to imagine what I enjoy doing when I am in need of a recharge. Eventually, working under the assumption that I was over-thinking the problem and missing some obvious solution, I turned to my husband and asked him his opinion on what I do for me. He, too, had to really think about it, and then he finally came up with and offered a response: helping others.

I honestly felt like crying. I know that I am not the type to generally put a lot of my own needs before the wishes of other people – that really doesn’t bother me. In fact, I like being that person. What shocked me though was the reality that I haven’t even remotely considered putting myself and my mental well-being first in a very long time. Somewhere along the way, I completely stopped thinking about what I need to keep going.

What do I do when I have to revitalize myself? Nothing, apart from pushing through! I just did this the other day! I feel like I never make the allowances for myself – regarding the downtime, the mistakes, and the luxury of taking it easy – that I do for others.

This whole topic has me very uneasy. I don’t like the thought that I have let the neglect of my own needs go so far. I shouldn’t have this much difficulty coming up with things that I do for myself in the promotion of my well-being and sense of self worth.

To be clear, I love my life! I have the best husband in the world and a good network of family and friends. I live in a country that provides me with more than I could ever ask for and I have a vast network of resources for just about anything I would ever need to explore. I get a lot of joy from the day to day bustle and I feel blessed and happy much, much more than frustrated and sad. Things are great!

But these types of introspective examinations often make me realize just how much more I need to learn and grow. When I look at where I fall on my list of priorities… well, I don’t even think I make the list. I totally forgot to put myself on the map when figuring out what has to happen to keep things running smoothly in my life.

I suspect the rest of today will be spent doing some soul searching. Either that or I’ll try to get some more items off my to do list, check in on some friends, research different workout options, run some errands, work on a couple homemade gifts, clean the house, bake for my husband’s co-workers, go grocery shopping, phone my parents, look for information on upcoming 5K’s, spend time with my better half, pick up some supplies, do the laundry…


  1. Well, you have lost 98+lbs. so I'd say that's a big step in the right direction for doing something for yourself. I know what you mean though. Hopefully you will think of something good..

  2. Your post made a lot of sense to me. Hopefully you will move yourself to the TOP of the list sooner rather then later :-)

  3. P.S. Look at you in your Feb 6 pic! WOWIE!!!!

  4. Yep. The comment from Red Writing hit the nail on the head, from where I'm sitting. You've lost all this weight for YOURSELF, not for anyone or anything else. I know when I think of what's the best gift I could give myself, losing this weight would top the list. That may not be exactly the angle you were speaking from, but I like it anyway. :)

  5. You make me tired just reading all the "to-do" you have listed - you really do need a time out.

    I like to have a nice bubble bath with my ipod plugged into my hears and listen to something very soothing. I have to be careful not to get my ear phones wet but I sure enjoy taking that private time just for me.

  6. I can relate to this post very much...in fact I imagine it is the reason why I am over 100 pounds overweight. But I agree with the above readers...though it is work and not exactly relaxing, choosing to eat healthy and exercise day in and day out to the tune of nearly 100 pounds lost (!!!) is definitely something you have done for yourself...though it spills over into something that benefits many in positive ways!

    Guilty pleasure that is not food related? Figure out one, no matter how small, and work it into your calendar. For me...being budget conscious and all, it would be having a night out by myself to go to Barnes and Noble and just sit and read my fave magazines (without needing to buy them) while I sip a non-fat chai...speaking of which, it has been a LONG time since I've done that! :)

  7. New reader here! Wow- you have made some serious progress! 95lbs in 6months? Wow!

    So excited to continue reading!


  8. yup...every once in a while I go to barnes and nobles and read...It's very relaxing...watch a chick flick, get your nails done...crochet or get a massage. Your options are endless. and, if you have no idea what you like...like I was a few years ago...try things until something clicks.

  9. Great points, people! Thanks for the perspective.

    Tiff, just so that you know I have actually lost over 85 pounds since mid-August. The first 11 were dropped between April and August of last year. It's a small point, but I like to be clear so that no one thinks I am being misleading in any way! Glad you found my blog!

    Cmoursler, thank you for the reassurance that I am not the only one who has gone through this. Good suggestions too! :)