Thursday, February 11, 2010

Internal Struggle

Okay, so the mood has definitely been dampened a bit. Why is it that when I am feeling at my best something inevitably happens that steers me towards getting upset?

I had a bit of an internal conversation because of this. It went something like:

Frustrated Me: Well, forget this! I’m going to go get fat!
Reasonable Me: Whoa! Hold on there a second… what are you talking about?
Frustrated Me: I am so angry right now! I just want to eat.
Reasonable Me: Too bad. That’s not going to solve anything.
Frustrated Me: And!?! I don’t care about solving anything! I just want to stuff my face!
Reasonable Me: Yet, again, I come back with a resounding ‘too bad’. Go make a salad.

There may have been a few expletives that were omitted from Frustrated Me’s side of the dialogue.


  1. Congrats on carrying the torch, that's so fantastic!!!
    Could you have some anxiety over it that is causing you to want to overeat? Are you nervous? If it were me, I'd totally be afraid that I would trip and fall! :-) I'm a big old clutz.
    I'd say think some more about it and see if there's something your stressing over that's causing these feelings - and keep chewing on that salad!

  2. In situations like yours I always try to remind myself that we can't control what happens, only our reactions to those things. Great advice, now I need to learn to take it myself! :) Love the blog, keep up the great work!

  3. YAY for the "reasonable you" winning (: you thank her later!

  4. I have those conversations all the time...
    but mine is a bit more manipulative and sly and goes something like../.
    sly me: You can always work out a little more tomorrow..
    reality me: No, I won't
    great job.

  5. I have those conversations all the time, especially this past week. Self talk can be destructive. You make sure your self talk is is the postive kind, you have so much to be positive about. Look at that fab body you are honeing to perfection, look at that wonderful priveledge you will ave in a few weeks. Get the postive gab going my girl xxx

  6. Good point-- it doesn't solve anything, does it? Does a hot bath help at all?

  7. Yes we all feel like that now and then!!

  8. Oh yes, I am very familiar with those internal dialogues. Your inner voice sounds a lot more reasonable than mine though.:-)
    Stress is a tough one to deal with, but it sounds as if the voice of reason is steering you straight so far. Keep it up, you can do it!!!

  9. Glad to know I'm not the only one that talks to herself, and then responds...except I do it out loud, lol. :) You're going to be okay girl....we all hit rough patches now and then, but you know very well it will pass.

  10. Next time add the foul language! LOL!!!!

    I"m glad it's just not me that goes through these moments. It's such a crazy battle. Keep fighting 266!

  11. Ah, I do the same. Stupid emotional eating.

  12. Good thing for 'Reasonable Me'. Remember, what we feel is not always indicative of what is TRUE.

    That being said, I can totally relate. Keep battling against those lies though! You are doing GREAT!

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  13. You all make me so happy. Thank you so much for being such an incredible support system. You will never know just what it means to me...

  14. man I think all of us have been there and Ive no perfect thought or answer to proffer either.

    just STAY STRONG and keep doing what youre doing.

    you CAN do this.