Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Post Needs A Shy Physician With Allergies

Well, my mood is up and I'm feeling happy, but my alertness is way down and I think I am at risk of coming across as a bit dopey at this point! This is only because it was such a long day though and I am up past my bedtime. I should have quite a bit more time to do a decent post tomorrow – and I do have a number of small things I need to write about – so I will retire for now to ensure that my coherency remains in tact and that I will wake up rested and much less sleepy in the morning.

One thing I will mention before I go to bed is that I noticed I have not been doing as well as I normally do with my water intake over these past few days. I just haven’t felt as thirsty as usual. I wonder if, perhaps, that may be a contributing factor to my elevated crankiness levels of late and one of the reasons I have felt so grumpy.

- 7 glasses of water
- 1 banana
- 2 homemade tuna cakes
- 1/2 cup peach fruit cup
- 3 cups mixed greens salad with tomato, broccoli, mushrooms, onion, yellow pepper, and fat free Italian dressing
- 1 pear
- 1 cup canned Mandarin oranges

- 15 minute walk
- 1 hour step workout video


  1. It is SO difficult to drink enough water. I have this problem too, although it doesn't make me grumpy! Hope your mood is better today!

  2. I always have trouble getting all my water in.

  3. Getting enough water is my bugaboo, too. Just seems as tho' I start out strong, then fade as the day wears on. Gotta keep tryin', tho'.

  4. I am usually pretty good about it, but am having difficulty lately.