Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Ramblings

I am a tinge more chipper this morning although I still don’t feel like I am quite up to par with the mood or the wellness. I have one really weird thing to report: I woke up with some significant tightness in my left calf. I have no idea where that could have come from and so far it has not worked itself out. I really hope it doesn’t bother me during my exercise today.

My energy is definitely lacking so I am trying to fuel myself with lots of protein. I think it’s just this cold, or whatever it is, working its way through my system. I don’t really feel all that ill, but I am worn down and still a bit achy. The sinuses and the throat are being affected too, but only marginally.

I have belly dancing tonight and I am planning a low-key walk too (although, I did just notice that it has started to rain, so we will see about that last part). I didn’t get to do the scheduled C25K program yesterday, so technically that has been shifted onto this evening’s agenda as well. I would really like to get it done, but I will be listening to my body to decide if it is worth it or not. If I am too tired or sick, so be it. There is always tomorrow and I refuse to play catch up to the detriment of my health or mental well-being. I have to remember that I am more important than a schedule!


  1. Oddly enough, Hubby Dearest has been complaining about leg soreness in his left leg, too. He thinks it might be a result of shoveling too much snow. :) Hope it works itself out for you.

  2. Could be a lack of potassium. Try eating a banana or some broccoli

  3. Katie J has a valid point. Tank up on potassium!:-) I have to eat a banana every morning or else I get the worst leg cramps in my calves. Do you favor one leg over the other for any of your workouts? That could explain it just being on one side.
    Glad you're feeling better and Have fun at belly dancing!

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe a sinus infection? I had one a bit back and it made me so weak and tired. I didn't have the symptoms that you normally think of when you hear sinus infection.

  5. Make sure you eat extra protein to help your body heal!

    Hope you recover soon. The C25K can wait a day :D

  6. Sorry you're still not feeling up to par. Take care of yourself girl and the healing will happen faster. :)

  7. Belly dancing with bananas..sounds like a good fix. How fun....belly dancing classes. I think I would like that! Hang in there...I hope you feel better soon!

  8. I had a foot cramp from h*ll last night.
    I actually was worried for a while about a blood clot...of course I am a hypochondriac. lol.
    HOpe your leg feels better. Have fun at belly dance class.

  9. stretch stretch stretch - post workout recovery food - stretch

  10. Banana - check!
    Spinach - check!
    Stretching - check!

    Chris, I am a total hypochondriac too, but I have to say it has lessened as I've lost the weight, thank goodness!

  11. You are an inspiration. Almost 3 years ago I had twins. At delivery I weighed 205 (the moste I'd ever weighed ~ but I was preggers with twins}. At the one month mark I was down to my pre~pregnancy weight of 170 and feeling good. Now, 3 years later (well May 25 is 3 years) I am 195 and miserable! You and your blog may just be what I need to get my butt moving and motivated to eat better! Thank you!