Friday, February 12, 2010

Someone Stop The Roller Coaster - I Want Off

Up and down and all around! That’s where the fun that are my emotions took me today. I’m still feeling pretty pissy about things right now, although I am trying to focus a bit more on the positive – it’s just hard sometimes when I get in my head like I have today.

I am going to take tomorrow morning off from posting just because I have an early start and don’t yet know how the rest of the day is going to shape up. I suspect it will be another full afternoon and evening, but I am determined to stay on track. Regardless, I will be back to report – hopefully with a slightly sunnier disposition – in twenty-four hours or so.

- 6 glasses of water
- 1/2 cup pear fruit cup
- 1/2 cup peach fruit cup
- 2 egg wrap on a soft tortilla shell with grated cheese, grated zucchini, onion, and pepper
- 3 cups mixed greens salad with grated cheese, shrimp, croutons, onion, red and yellow pepper, tomato, broccoli, mushroom, and fat free Italian dressing
- 1 mug of coconut steamed skim milk
- 6 inch sub on whole wheat bun with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, black olives, onion, light mayonnaise, mustard, and pepper
- 3 bites of a white chocolate macadamia cookie
- 1 cup of canned Mandarin oranges

- 5 hours and 30 minutes of walking around while shopping
- 2 sets of 30 seconds of crouched shadow boxing with dumbbells with 2.5 lbs for each arm


  1. I've seen the Olympics news in your area and it is gray and rainy!!! I couldn't believe you glum it looks...I'd be feeling glum too! The sun will come out your bottom dollar, that tomorrow...sing it with me...there'll be sun! Maybe not in BC?

  2. Hope things are better for you soon!

    Wishing you a wondeful weekend,

  3. #Thinking of you and hoping your over what you were going through and back on the wagon and ready to fight again...YOU HAVE COME SUCH A LONG LONG WAY...XX

  4. I hope that you feel better about things soon. I know that I had days like that throughout my journey.

    Thinking of you.

  5. I read this post & the other one I missed. Dang girl, you sound like you have my perimenopause symptoms!!!! Are you sure your hormones are not out of whack? :-)

    Anyway, you hang in there. DO NOT let outside forces ruin all the good work you have dome to date!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!

  6. Hi, I want to jump on the coaster with you! Amazing success! Bravo! Very inspiring!

  7. Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes, everyone! I am doing better! Dawne, it honestly wasn't too bad here today; mind you, we are all pretty much born with webbed toes around these parts. Jody, perish the thought of perimenopause! Lol! I think it's just plain old pre-menstral stuff. I would like to entertain the thought that I am still much too young for those types of hormones just yet. :)