Friday, January 21, 2011

Life Is Grand!

Today was incredible – it was one of the best days I can remember! I finally got to celebrate my birthday with family (with one last party to come tomorrow with yet another group) and it was just a wonderful day all around. I am so, so blessed!!!

- 8 glasses of water
- 1 banana
- 2 egg omelet with cheese and mushrooms
- 2 slices whole grain toast with butter and strawberry jam
- 1 bite French toast on white bread with butter and maple syrup
- 1 toasted cheese bagel with low fat herb and garlic cream cheese
- 4 yam fries with spicy mayonnaise
- 2 cups Caesar salad with Parmesan and croutons
- 7 jumbo shrimp
- 6 oz steak
- 1/2 baked potato with sour cream, bacon, and green onion
- 1/2 chocolate brownie dessert with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles
- 1 homemade lemon tart
- 4 homemade cookies

- 10 squats


  1. That's wonderful! Glad you had such a good birthday, it's about time you had something so positive and warming :)

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