Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally Getting A Little Support

Here's something that I wasn't expecting: I can wear underwire bras again!

For years, I have opted for the comfort I found in sports bras because the underwire ones always dug into me and left me with red half-moon, friction-like marks under my chest. Lovely imagery, I apologize, but knowing such details makes it easy to see why I would choose to resort to the less attractive, but infinitely more appealing and pain-free brassieres. I would generally only utilize their stiffer counterparts when I needed smaller straps or a specific fit to enhance whatever shirt I might have been wearing. And I used to dread putting them on because I knew how much it would end up hurting me after only a short time.

But now, suddenly, I find that I can make use of the better supporting undergarments! There is no chafing! I can wear them all the time now and suffer no repercussions! Apparently the shrinking bust line that goes hand in hand with losing weight has a silver lining. My husband may slightly disagree, but now I can make it up to him by putting away the tired old sports bras and modelling pretty, stylish ones instead!

- 8 glasses of water
- 1 wrap on a soft tortilla shell with deli ham, cheese, dried cranberries, spinach, fat free Miracle Whip, mustard, and pepper
- 3/4 cup fat free strawberry yogurt with 1 cup rice and wheat flake granola cereal
- 1 cup cherries
- 1 chocolate delite fiber bar
- 2 cups mint chocolate bar ice cream blend
- 3 pieces sourdough garlic bread
- 3 hot dogs with mustard
- 3/4 cup fat free apple and cranberry yogurt with 1 cup rice and wheat flake granola cereal

- 30 stomach crunches


  1. I find that sports bras give me a uniboob. My husband told me that my watermelons are now grapes!!!! I don't think he's impressed with this symptom of weight loss either!

  2. Another great aspect of losing weight. :)

  3. It's so sad, but I feel like I am at war with my bra at this time. Really no bras are comfortable for me right now. I would actually rather "free boob it" sorry if TMI :], I'm sure your hubby will be happy for you as will your clothes, they are much more flattering when you have curves, but not tooooo many curves.

  4. huh. My girls aren't shrinking at all. In fact, as my bra band size decreases (from 46 to now 42), they seem to be getting bigger. The C cup now gives me cleavage. Not that there is anything wrong with cleavage, but i don't naturally HAVE it, unless the cup is too small.

    I'm having a terrible time finding bras..I dislike D cups. too wide... My bra brand of 20 years doesn't go below 42. :( And that 42 is too big.

    And what's with all that padding? The bras are either about as sturdy as a piece of nylon underpants or they can stand up all on their own. :(

    So gald you found something. Right now I'm in a Playtex 18 hour. :o I''ve never worn them, but haven't found anything else close to a fit. Still searching. I'd rather be beaten by a stick than do all of that on and off...

    If someone has a favaorite bra maker/style--please stop by my blog and let me know! It would truly be an act of charity.


  5. Awesome! I prefer underwire bras myself.

  6. Did you (and the other ladies on here with bra problems) ever get professionally fitted? It makes a big difference, even if you don't always get a perfect fit.

  7. Lol! Awesome comments!

    Lainey, I did get fitted once, about two years ago, but I couldn't afford the bras in my size (40H). :( Now I can shop in regular stores for more average bras although, you are right, I should go and get fitted again so that I know exactly where I am at since things have changed so much!

  8. Mr. has defintely noticed the decrease in size. I am still ample so he doesn't mind too much. I used to wear bras with no underwire (not sports bras). I did it while i was nursing and then continued for 5 years or so. I just recently dumped all the no underwire ones and bought all new ones. I hate hate hate bra shopping.

    I sitll have a way to go and I sometimes still get unconforatble in my bras but much better than before. For the larger chested ladies out there I highly reccomend buying bras at Lane Bryant. They are well consstructed, confortable and large size range.

  9. I am so with you on the bra thing. I too have gone to wearing sports bras. The sad thing is I would get 1, only one and wear it out. It would end up being the nastiest thing ever.

    Then I would be forced to go get a new one. You know I would almost rather have my finger nails pulled off then try on bras. I hate it.

    One day, I tried on a bra with the under wire. It was wonderful. It fit well, and did not hurt anywhere. The girls ended up where they should be. BONUS!

    I was so excited I bought a white one and a black one.

    Can't wait until I can get into the real pretty ones.