Friday, July 23, 2010

Who's That Girl?

I loved this. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but it made me smile…

About a month ago I gave a photograph of myself, from when I was all dressed up for my brother’s graduation, to my husband to keep at his work. He had a picture of me from years ago, but I thought that he would enjoy an updated one given that I have gone through so many physical changes over the last eleven months.

Well, yesterday he came home and shared something really amusing with me. A couple of his male co-workers were passing by and they stopped to chat with him. When they were standing there, one of them noticed the new photo and asked my man who it was. He replied, “that’s my wife!”

The guy who had first noticed the picture seemed impressed and said, “she’s really pretty.” (At this point in my husband's telling of the story I am already feeling great, but the next part is what really made my day.) The other person who was standing there – now staring at the image of me – apparently gives a wide-eyed, vigorous nod and enthusiastically drawls, “yeeeeaaaahhhh…”

Awesome! My poor husband is so unused to the types of comments he has been receiving about me of late. This isn’t the first time his co-workers have complimented my appearance recently and apparently one of them went on quite a bit about me a couple of months ago. I admit that it is really flattering. I think the seeming bizarreness of it makes it a novelty to me; I’ve just never been all that concerned about appearances and suddenly all of these positive remarks are coming from all directions.

My wonderful hubby is so great about it too. I think he enjoys telling me about these instances and reveling in the apparent perception that he has an attractive spouse as much as I get a kick out of hearing the stories!

- 9 glasses of water
- 1 wrap on a soft tortilla shell with deli ham, cheese, dried cranberries, spinach, fat free Miracle Whip, mustard, and pepper
- 3/4 cup fat free peach yogurt with 1 cup oat cluster Cheerios
- 1 1/3 cups cherries
- 1 toasted whole wheat English muffin with light peanut butter and light strawberry jam
- 10 whole wheat crackers with cheese
- 2 cups yam fries with fat free Miracle Whip
- 1 cup reduced sodium pasta with sour cream and chive sauce and tuna
- 1 bite raspberry cheesecake
- 2 1/2 cups celery with light peanut butter

- 30 minute walk
- 50 minutes of rowing a dragon boat


  1. Congratulations! That is fantastic. I lost most of my weight over the winter so my neighbors have been telling me that they were wondering who has been out there running in the early mornings.

  2. That is a great feeling -- nothing wrong with soaking in and enjoying the attention! :D woot-woot!

  3. Love it! That is too cute!!! Your husband should be damn lucky to have ya!!

  4. awesome. Where is the pic, would love to see it.

  5. I love this story, too! Enjoy the attention and compliments!! You deserve each one of them. You worked hard.

  6. That is so awesome!!!! I am sure he is really proud of you!!! Hugs!

  7. I just made me giggle, you know!? I'm not used to those types of comments!

    Amy, I will do my best to post either a copy of that pic or a similar one in the near future; I have a few things I'll be dressing up for this week!