Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About Time

Again, I didn’t do too badly today. I am still not quite on solid ground, but I am finally gaining a bit of footing. Every day is one more chance to make improvements and I am trying to take advantage of that.

I am largely lacking in sleep though and I think that is an issue. I am actually feeling a bit run down even during the days, so I know that I have to make some changes in that department. When I am consistently struggling to find a moment to even type out my food and exercise lists, and I am still only sleeping for four or five hours a night, then I know there is a problem. Where does all my time go?!

- 6 glasses of water
- 1 banana
- 3/4 cup low fat orange yogurt
- 2 caramel rice cakes
- 1 cocoa coconut cluster bar
- 1 piece of a chocolate pecan square
- 1 mug coconut steamed soy milk
- 1 cup heated tuna salad with grated cheese, grated zucchini, fat free Miracle Whip, mustard, seasoning. and pepper
- 1 cup tiny cheese crackers and cranberries
- 1/2 apple
- 9 pieces of a California sushi roll with caviar and soy sauce
- 3/4 cup low fat piña colada yogurt with 1 cup multi-grain Cheerios

- 45 minute walk


  1. ahhh the largely lacking on sleep (my child is already up :)) makes me run down and thisclooooose to depressed from the lethargy as well.

    Hope you got some rest.

  2. much better with the food. I spy tuna and yogurt, yeah for protein! lol. my days go by fast as well. Hope you can get more sleep.

  3. Lack of sleep can do a number on those of us trying to lose weight and get healthy. I'm trying to make some changes in terms of getting more sleep myself, because it makes a big difference in working my program. Congratulations on the progress with food.

  4. "every day is one more chance to make improvemetns..." I like that thought. Thanks.

    So glad you're zeroing in on solid ground!


  5. Hey,
    I don't know your name? i doubt you have ever posted it on here but I just wanted to lend you some encouragement!

    I just found your blog 2 days ago, I think it was just what I needed! And honestly it was by mistake that I found it. I didn't read what you had written recently ititally, only your old posts, I started with your first one, and worked my forward. I am currently about 215 lbs, right about where you were this time last year. I read from when you started blogging in August, up until November (of 09) which is kinda like (now for me). It was encouraging to see that you were about the same weight as I am, this time last year.

    Last night, I re-started a blog of my own. And Im glad I did.

    Anyway one thing that I noticed straight off the bat when tonight I read a few of your newer posts. GIRL drink some more water, when you started you were drinking between 10- 15 cups a day. I think that is really wise, I have been trying to do it myself, maybe your dehydrated a bit, I always feel like that makes my cravings worse when I am not drinking.

    Dono if this is helpful at all, but i hope it is! Anyway good luck with your journey, and thanks for sharing it with me :)