Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Serves Me Right

Sometimes my own gluttony shocks me. It doesn’t happen a lot anymore. Most of the time I nibble throughout the day and so if have a high caloric count it is because I have been grazing rather than sitting down to an enormous meal. Tonight however I had a sushi combo all to myself followed by a large ice cream treat. I feel positively ill.

- 8 glasses of water
- 1 banana
- 1 cup carrots with roasted red pepper dip
- 3/4 cup low fat cherry yogurt
- 1 strawberry cereal bar
- 1 1/2 apples
- 6 inch sub on an Italian herbs and cheese bun with deli ham, cheese, green peppers, black olives, onion, light mayonnaise, honey mustard, and pepper
- 1 piece of a chocolate pecan square
- 1 bite of a chocolate marshmallow square
- 1/2 mug apple cider
- 1 1/2 cups mint chocolate bar ice cream blend
- 1 toasted bagel with cream cheese
- 5 pieces of a dynamite sushi roll with soy sauce
- 6 pieces of a California sushi roll with soy sauce
- 6 pieces of an Alaskan sushi roll with soy sauce
- 2 bites of sweet and sour pork
- 2 1/2 cups peanut butter and butter toffee chocolate bar ice cream blend

- 1 hour and 15 minute walk


  1. OI! Shut up. You walked for 1 and a quarter hours today! You did more exercise than... dare I say - MOST people! Feel proud :) Plus, from the last couple weeks, it looks like you've been super busy. Perhaps it was a well needed break, stress relief. And don't forget... "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet" - Anne of Green Gables

  2. If you were going to splurge, then sushi is a very healthy way to go. It could have been a giant steak and fully loaded baked potato plus a large slice of cake for dessert or a couple of Big Macs and that would have been bad. Look at it this way, you got lots of brain boosting Omega 3's (think that's the #?) today. Maybe next time think about getting an avacado roll and cucumber roll to substitute for two of those rolls and you'd still be able to eat all 3 guilt free! I don't eat fish so I always get those two when we go for sushi.

    Remember to take it in small steps and to praise yourself for the good choices you make. Choosing sushi rather than a Habachi dinner is a plus. Walking today is a plus. Yes the ice cream wasn't the best choice, but your food list is so much better than it was a few weeks ago. You are doing much better. Pat yourself on the back for the good things you did today and move on from the poor dessert choice.

  3. You've worked too hard to put all this weight back on, it's hard watching you slip back into overeating.

    I hope you find your feet again soon. x

  4. Rock on lady! We read your posts and are amazed at your honesty. Sometimes we say out loud (as we did when we were children watching a scary movie)"NO don't go there!" but we keep reading because you reassure us and are an inspiration. We see ourselves in you and we feel sad when you slip but we also rejoice when you are on track. I keep my ugliest, fat picture on my fridge to remind me where I was and it seems to help. We all have things like that I think. Thank you for continuing to write.

  5. I feel ya. I ate two dynamite rolls, a California roll, a salmon roll, and a bowl of miso for lunch. It was a bit too much. I still feel full, and my tummy is making funny noises. Although the salmon roll was supposed to be one piece of salmon nigiri, and I didn't discover that until I got it home. Still, I ate it.

    Then again, I've barely been able to eat anything for a week, so I guess that's not too bad.

    I hope you find a happy balance again. You can do it. :o)

  6. Think of it this way - a year ago you probably would have eaten that much food without a second thought - now your body is so used to smaller portions that it lets you know when you've eaten too much. That's major progress! Keep up the great work, I love reading your blog :)

  7. Please don't go back...I'm counting on you...You are counting on you. It will be even harder next time.