Friday, October 1, 2010

To Weigh, Or Not To Weigh

I honestly don’t even know if I should weigh in tomorrow morning. I had an enormous amount of salty, greasy food tonight because I was at a going away party for a friend, and we ate at a restaurant where the healthy options were completely non-existent. Plus, we went out for dessert and drinks afterwards! I have been feeling pretty down about where I am at lately in this journey and I don’t want to have a temporary massive gain skewing my numbers (and, potentially, my mood). Yeah, I really don’t know what to do about my weigh-in…

- 8 glasses of water
- 1 banana
- 1 whole grain muffin
- 3 caramel rice cakes
- 2 bites lavender shortbread raw cookie dough
- 7 homemade lavender shortbread cookies
- 3/4 cup pasta salad with cheese and broccoli
- 9 pieces of a spicy California sushi roll with soy sauce
- 1/2 cinnamon bun with icing
- 1/2 cup strawberry yogurt with 1/3 banana
- 3/4 cup tortilla chips with salsa and sour cream
- 3 cups nachos with 1 cup cheese salsa
- 1 bite bean and beef burrito
- 2 glasses of piña colada
- 1/2 brownie dessert with ice cream and whipped cream
- 1 bite of Bailey’s cheesecake with whipped cream
- 1/4 cup marshmallows
- 4 whole wheat crackers with herb and garlic soft cheese
- 1 1/2 cups apple cinnamon flavoured corn, wheat, and oat cereal with 3/4 cup milk
- 1 glass white wine

- 10 squats


  1. If you think weighing in is going to negatively impact your weight loss efforts then I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't make it a habit of not weighing in but I don't think there is anything wrong with skipping it this time. Just drink plenty of water and get back on track with your eating and you should be find next week. Good luck.

  2. Or maybe you need the jolt? If you never actualize the damage you are doing you'll never be able to get back in control?

  3. I agree with anonymous above. don't let fear hold you take it captive and start fresh today!:) Please check into the products I have mentioned before. They are great replacements for the killing effects of white sugar.

  4. If you do not weigh yourself because of fear, then you are not taking responsibility for your choices.

    In watching your posts over the last few weeks I'm detecting a serious addiction to processed white flour/sugar. Adding in some raw fruits and veggies in the morning (via a green smoothie) will really help curb these cravings and break the addiction.
    You've come too far to let these foods have this much control over you. Have you ever heard of or read "The Secret" I would recommend this to you simply because even though you've lost the weight the reality in your mind hasn't changed and you still see yourself as a fat/food addict. You will do all kinds of things to sabotage yourself because you haven't changed that picture in your mind yet.

  5. I think you should still weigh in. You ate the food, and your weight may have changed because of it. Own it. Learn from it. Don't make the same mistakes again. Otherwise you are just avoiding the results of bad decisions.

    But don't let it comepletely ruin your week. We've all been there. We know how you are feeling. What we also know is that a good week of healthy choices and exercise will erase whatever damage has been done, and you'll be back in business.

    So, I say do it. And I offer *hugs*

    <3 Katie

  6. This is why we are supposed to weigh in regularly. Sometimes we need that visual and it can serve as a cold, hard slap across the face. The numbers reflect our actions. I've been reading your blogs for several weeks now and it's tough watching you struggle. There are so many people pulling for you! Listen to your friends and those have been there before you. Don't buy the junk, don't eat the junk. Bulk up on your fruits and veges. You can do it!! Good Luck.

  7. I say no. You already know it is going to be up. You already know it is going to hurt you. Fix the problem this week. Fix your emotional eating. Then weigh. I only weigh once a month. I can become to fixated on the scale...literally obsessed and it controls my mood at times. I try to control my eating. That works for me. :)