Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weigh-In For Week 60

I hummed and hawed a bit about whether to do a weigh-in because I knew that last night's greasy, high-sodium meal and a half was going to lend itself to a large (though assuredly temporary) increase on the scale. Finally, what it came down to was that because I had not planned on not weighing ahead of time, but was merely considering it on impulse due to overeating unhealthy choices, that I should go ahead and keep my records consistent. If I decide not to weigh some week down the road and make that choice ahead of time that would be different, but the thought of me not doing so today was simply a glimmer of my not wanting to be accountable to a moment of weakness.

So, without further ado, the very scary number is 159.8. That is exactly three pounds up from last week so, no, there is no joy in my weigh-in today. However, the one thing that I can take the tiniest bit of solace in is that I was very convinced that I would step up on that scale this morning and see a number that was deeply entrenched in the 160's. So, I do know it could have been a lot worse and I am thanking my lucky stars that I didn't order a dessert all to myself like I had wanted, but instead split one with my husband. At least I showed a sliver of restraint. I am patting myself on the back whenever I can these days.


  1. At least it's under 160! I'd love to see 159! Don't let it cross healthy choice leads to another. You can beat this 266!

  2. 266, You are the most honest woman in the world. I am going to make a suggestion which you can ignore, but it helped me. We bloggers can share experience. The sugar thing is cravings causing craving causing craving. Try for one week to eliminate anything that has sugar or sugar syrups in it -- particularly high fructose. Eat everything but stay completely away from white flour and sugar stuff. Your craving for sweets will go away anbd you can then find a pattern of eating that will not be driven by your pancreas trying to deal with sugar but by your own enjoyment and pleasure and relationship with food. Your will be driving instead of the sweets driving you. It took me until I was in my 60s to figure this out and I regained a 100 lb wait loss because I thought I could go back to cake and goodies.
    De-sugar/corn syrup your diet and the weight gain will stop. It is so sad that we feel so guilty about something that we really can't control once we start the craving cycle. It was the frontier in weight loss for most who have been truly successful. One week only? Join me
    in a challenge to stay away from the wrong stuff for one week and eat everything else at a calorie level that makes sense. Low glycemic food lists are all over the web. You are a beautiful woman.

  3. I'll give you a pat on the back too. For two reasons, one for sharing the dessert and the second for weighing in. I've had a rough start where I lost some and then gained, repeat, repeat, repeat. It was getting terribly embarrassing to post my weigh-in. I didn't want to do it, but then I thought what purpose does it do to not weigh in on my regular schedule. My account is an honest recording of my journey. If it stinks like heck, then I need to do something about it.

    You've done so well and a hiccup is not going to bring you down! I know you will get those three pounds off in no time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. this anonymous agrees with the other. A high consumption of refined sugars, corn syrup and such can still lead to diabetes regardless of weight. It also accelerates cancer growth. There are great replacements for these damaging substances. and yes you will go through withdraws when you go off, but only for a short time. prepare ahead of time ..really check out xylitol and stevia products and have them on hand they are guilt free and truly a healthy choice. You are a great motivator to so many and have a wonderful positive spirit about you. :)

  5. Good for you to facing the scale. I third the suggestion to ditch sugar for a week. You may be very surprised to find out how much stuff you were eating that you don't even like.

  6. Congrats on facing the scale! I think it was a good idea =)

  7. Essentially, you now weigh about what you did seven months ago. In the BIG picture, that's pretty darn good!!! Especially considering how far and how fast your weight dropped in the months before that. O my heavens, I've seen so many diet bloggers bounce right back to their starting weight in less time than it took them to lose it. It's heart breaking.

    Yeah, you are struggling, but you aren't giving up. You are still here blogging. That's what really matters.

  8. this person who doesn't believe in being anonymous agrees with the two anonymous people above. Sugar sucks.
    Keep plugging.
    You can do this.