Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weigh-In For Week 58

I consider this week a wash. My weight has moved by 0.2 of a pound, so I am feeling okay with that. The stress and unusually hectic last several days could have meant a lot more damage to this journey, so I can’t help but be pleased that I essentially maintained through it all.

The good news is that even though things are going to remain quite busy for the next couple of weeks, I am not necessarily up against any deadlines as of this moment. And I will be spending the entire afternoon with my wonderful husband and then having a nice dinner with family. It should be a bit more of a relaxing day today and I really feel like I deserve it!


  1. Good for you! Enjoy your dinner with family tonight.

  2. Did you become the Prime Minister or the head of RIM and I missed it??? Girl, what is keeping you so busy? I'm glad you haven't seen a gain! Keep going 266! I'm hoping to catch up to you, now that my scale is moving again. :)

  3. Relax, enjoy, and keep being pleased because doing great!

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