Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Checking In

I didn't post this morning like I usually do, so I just thought I'd write a quick note to let everyone know that I'm still here, still going strong, and still sticking to the plan! The worst thing I had to eat so far today was stir fry from a restaurant; I do, however, need to get my behind moving because it hasn't been a very active day.

I had one tiny frustration first thing this morning. As I have mentioned before I have been weighing myself every day (often multiple times between morning and night) to help me gather information on how my recent eating and activity levels are making my weight fluctuate throughout the day. This morning was the only time since I started this blog that my first daily weigh-in reflected a gain from the previous morning weigh-in. It was tiny, so I'm not freaked out or anything, but so far every day my weight has been creeping slowly down and this was the first time it's gone up. (It obviously goes up throughout the day, but I am just talking about my first weigh-in of every morning.) It was just a bit of an annoyance, especially since I did so many physical chores around the house yesterday. Hopefully the number on the scale will inch downward again tomorrow. I better get moving though to make that happen!


  1. Stir fry sounds amazing...I wasnt very active today either, we had storms and so the trail was out but didnt go to the gym cause we were going to the But did get in some at home, but just not the same, gotta do better tomorrow...

  2. For all my lack luster attitude earlier I did pretty well with the exercise (thank goodness). And, yeah, the stir-fry was really good!