Friday, August 21, 2009

Learning My NSV's

I would like to thank Amy at The Not So Secret Life Of A Not So Super Together Mom for presenting me with my second installment of the Lovely Blog Award! I just got this award for the first time on Tuesday so my list of 15 fabulous blogs to pass the award onto is already up. I am really touched to have been given a second one already; thank you, Amy!

I was perusing blogs today and came across the term NSV. I had no idea what this meant (although in the context I could surmise it's meaning to some extent) so I googled it. Non-scale victory is what I discovered the abbreviation stood for. Brilliant! Thoughts of running for the bus without wheezing afterwards, throwing away loose fitting jeans, and feeling confident that the safety bar on that carnival ride will close the entire way all came to mind.

I look forward to experiencing my own NSV's. I would say that the one I can celebrate so far is that I haven't had that much trouble sticking to a healthier diet. Pizza pockets, cookies, chocolate bars, and the like have not had a place in my home nor in my body for over a week, and I am pleasantly surprised at how little I miss their company.