Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have a ton of housework and chores to do today so I am thinking that it will be a good, active afternoon and evening. I am especially hoping that the rain will hold off long enough for me to get outside and do some yard work since I know those jobs tend to require the most effort to complete.

I kind of felt like yesterday was a low key day without a lot of activity. I don't mean the purposeful exercise that I did, but rather the day to day stuff. I just wasn't up and doing things and I wasn't really happy with that. Today will be different. It's strange, but I am actually looking forward to the chores because it means I will be moving. Sheesh, it's like I have energy or something!


  1. Awesome! I hope you have a great and productive day!

  2. I was like that yesterday with all the chores and I had a big list for today but didn't really get anything done except I made dinner for hubby and my daughter. It always seems to happen that way with me. I get so motivated one day and the next day I am so sore and tired and can't do a thing. Oh well, have a great evening.

  3. So far, I spent a couple of hours detailing the car, but the rain has held off so now I'm going to go mow the lawn. I'm sending my energy out to all you lovely ladies (and any gents) who want some of it!