Saturday, August 15, 2009

Questions For The Panel

1. What is the verdict on whether mayonnaise or Miracle Whip is healthier?

2. Is the purple writing on this black background too difficult to read?

3. If you could offer just a single piece of advice on what works in the struggle to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle, what would that one nugget of wisdom be?


  1. 1. I don't eat either so can't help you there.

    2. I do find it a little hard on the eyes.

    3. One day at a time. This is a lifestyle change not a diet. It has to work FOREVER, not just to lose weight.

  2. Your already doing my key tip and thats keeping a journal, as it enables you to daily remind yourself what and why your doing this. Also i think you need to look at this as a "hobby/interest" i try and soak up all info...not just on diet...but fitness...healthy living...etc by making it my "hobby" i devour it all...which makes it not a chore.

    Also i can read the purple text fine =]

    kazz =]

  3. I like the purple... but maybe a bigger font. My eyes are kinda old. :)

    One day at a time... and don't dwell when you fall off the wagon.. Just focus on today.

  4. I appreciate the feedback and tips... It seems that noone really knows whether mayo or M.W. is better for you; I even looked it up online and couldn't find a straight answer.

  5. By the way, for now I've made the text a little bigger to see if that makes it easier on the eyes.

  6. 1. I have no idea, I don't like mayo. The only time I use it is in tuna salad, and I use FF Miracle Whip.

    2. The purple is a bit hard to read, BUT I love it. I think it works very and I wouldn't change it. (I am over 40 and my vision isn't what it used to be.)

    3. Just do it. lol Put yourself first, obsess about your health until it becomes normal, habitual. I know so many people say don't obsess, but I really think that putting it first and front and center in my life gave me the umph I needed to build up my momentum.