Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fairs Aren't Fair

Is it just me or are special events just not set up to provide healthy options to the gathered masses? I went to an exhibition fair this afternoon and truly struggled to find anything even resembling whole foods. I actually almost asked the people trying to sell juicers if I could buy some of the fruit they were using to demonstrate their product.

Eventually I opted for Chinese food because it was the only thing that didn't look processed. Normally I would have gotten noodles and a couple of the meat options drenched in sauces, but instead I asked for rice, green beans, and shrimp. Unfortunately, I'm fairly confident in asserting that they were all fried, but at least I am honestly trying. I just find it frustrating - and kind of mind-boggling - when nothing seems to cater to those of us attempting to make better choices.

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