Saturday, August 29, 2009

Preparing For Battle

I have a barbecue that I will be attending this afternoon, so I am in full preparation mode to try and get through it with minimal damage to the weight loss journey. My plan for today is to eat vegetables up until I arrive at the get-together so that I can relax a little once I am there. I’m not saying I will go overboard; I just want a little leeway in case I decide to have a couple of treats.

I know that there will be healthy options available so that is definitely a good thing. I will try to load up a plate rather than hang out at the food table so that I can keep better track of what I am consuming. My tendency at these things is to eat because it’s there. It will be a challenge to alter that habit, but I am going to give it my best.

I am guessing that in addition to whatever produce inspired options they have, I will end up having a cheeseburger or a hot dog plus a desert or two. Here’s a thought: would it be rude to take a knife and cut a couple of whatever desserts are there into smaller portions. I seem to do much better when I can simply try something I am craving since it removes the all or nothing mindset that can lead to me completely caving in.

Alright. I have a plan in place. Deep breath… Why am I so nervous? Wish me luck!


  1. I don't think its rude at all. Just cut a brownie or piece of pie in half and leave the other half on the serving tray, someone will pick it up. Or put it on your plate, and give half to hubby or share with someone else.

    You'll do fine :)

  2. Have fun, I don't think it would be rude, enjoy the day.

  3. Surprisingly there were no desserts served at all! Next time I will keep that trick in mind though for sure.