Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lose A Pound In Fifteen Minutes!!!

This is no joke! Are you excited to know the secret? Ready?!? Here it is... go donate blood!!! Arghh... I can hear the groans of disappointment coming to me over the electronic miles. Anyhow, I'm pretty sure that that's what a pint of blood ends up converting to. I'm also fairly certain that any temporary loss is quickly evened out by consuming the two cookies they give out afterwards to raise blood sugar levels.

Something that I discovered while giving blood today is that my blood pressure is a little off. The nurse who did it actually told me that it was really good and that the way it is means that my heart doesn't have to work as hard as most, but I've done a little research online and it seems that my diastolic reading (the second number) is a bit too low.

120 over 47 was the first reading that they took. A perfect systolic reading, but a diastolic pressure too low to donate. They had me drink some juice and then sent me outside to walk around the block to raise it, and the next time they put the cuff on it was 120 over 62 which is back in the normal range for both numbers. I'm not sure whether to be worried about this or not. I think I'll be looking on the internet to see if there are ways to raise that second number.

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