Thursday, August 27, 2009

Super Market Visit

I just got back from grocery shopping and I am really pleased! I did, what I would call, the perfect shop. It was sort of like the perfect storm but with fewer gale force winds.

I ate before going to the supermarket so that I wasn't setting myself up for giving in to a major craving. When I arrived, I steered clear of most of the aisles and focused on the perimeter. That's where all of the fresh baked goods, dairy, meat products, and produce are located. The basic four food groups - the healthiest and purest things to eat - pretty much always line the walls of a grocery store.

I did my best to avoid the middle of the market since that's where they stock the processed, pre-packaged, preservative-filled stuff. I am not committing to eating completely clean - I still picked up some salad dressing, granola bars, and the like - but I am trying to bring simpler foods into the house.

The only wrong turn I made was down aisle 5. AISLE 5. It deserves capital letters to express the sheer willpower that it took to cast my eyes towards the floor and speed my footfall once I realized the mistake I had made in pushing my cart into that particular corridor. Cookies and candy and chips, oh my! The three big C's that get me again and again. But, I persevered and strode past them all, leaving only a very slight ache in my jaw from the firm grinding together of my teeth.


  1. Great job and post. It's hard to pass up those cookies for sure but you did it. My weakness is chocolate milk. Be very proud or yourself.

  2. I am definitely pleased that I walked out of there with a cart full of nutritious options instead of the crap I would have normally bought. And, yeah, chocolate milk is soooo good too!

  3. Yeah for you. You beat the monster that is Aisle 5.