Friday, August 14, 2009

Down But Not Out

My wonderful husband worked his ever-patient magic and coaxed the stationary bike back to proper working order. I am annoyed that I got so frustrated with everything; it’s definitely a pattern that I want to break. I think it’s similar to how I would react to things all the times I tried to quit smoking before I actually managed to stop for good, and I would find myself stressed out over the smallest things. It’s like some sort of ‘mountain out of molehill’ syndrome. On the flip side I am really proud that I didn’t order the pizza I wanted when things weren’t going my way. Plus, I took Jo’s (and Fat Free Me’s) very good advice and did try and do a couple of activities that didn’t require the cooperation of finicky machinery.

- 5 glasses of water throughout the day
- 3/4 cup peach yogurt with 1 cup Maple Nut Oatmeal Crisp
- 2 toasted English muffins with peanut butter
- 3 1/2 cups celery with 2 Tb. Tex Mex Cheese Whiz
- 7 large crackers
- 1 glass of milk
- 2 cheese sandwiches on white bread with lettuce, tomatoes, calorie wise Miracle Whip, margarine, and pepper
- 1 1/2 cups canned pears
- 1 1/2 cups peach yogurt

- 2 sets of 5 minutes of weight lifting with 2.5 lbs per arm
- 12 sets of walking up and down stairs (not all at one time)
- 20 minute walk


  1. Hello, I found your new blog through 282.5 blog. I am also trying to lose weight and I have been struggling for about 3 months now. I need all the inspiration I can get so I am happy to have found your blog.
    Have a fantastic Friday.

  2. I also use the stairs as an extra piece of exercise equipment. They are always available, and no assembly required. They also help stretch my joints, which right now are dealing me fits. Keep at it, you're doing all the right stuff.

  3. Good that you didn't let that bike beat you down. Keep it up, and when you get frustarted, just walk away and go take a walk. I have to, or I'll eat the house. Which I still sometimes do. Your doing great.

  4. I too can use all the inspiration I can get and so far I am feeling very fortunate to be finding myself in the midst of such a great community of fellow bloggers. I'm so out of shape though that those stairs were being done in sets of twos and fours... but at least I'm trying! Walking is something that I really enjoy too, so I will likely be turning to that a lot as I reshape my lifestyle.

  5. I get frustrated's getting better, but I hear you on that! Good job with all you've done!!!

  6. So pleased your honey fixed the bike!

    And WOWza! at all that wonderful exercise - you are doing so well - keep up the excellent work!