Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Frustration

I spent the afternoon building up enough motivation to get on my stationary recumbent bike only to just find that it is adjusted to a setting that is too long for my legs and the adjuster is tightened too much for me to loosen and reset it (and my husband won't be home for hours to help me). So I fumed for a minute, but than decided to try and find a solution to the problem rather than let it beat me. I propped two pillows behind my back to move myself the couple of inches I needed to be able to pedal properly, but then immediately found that the button used to set the resistance is not working and is set to the highest level! What am I supposed to do?!? I don't have enough strength yet to pedal for any length of time on this setting and I was relying on the bike since we don't have money for a gym membership nor new exercise equipment. I am feeling SO frustrated!!!


  1. Throw on a pair of tennies and go out the door. Walk. It's free, and once you get out there, you get lost in your thoughts. I think it's a nice way to start out, too. Many times I've been known to get in the car and drive somewhere to do my walking...for a change of pace, and so my neighbors don't see me. lol

    Do you have any exercise videos? Check your library. My small-town library has many exercise videos.

    Hopefully your hubby will be able to give the bike a once-over and get it going for you.

    Do you have stairs? Go up and down the stairs. March in place. Put your favorite music on and dance. (If I do that, I close the curtains. lol)

    Lots of things will get your heart rate up.

    I need to practice what I'm preaching here!

  2. Grr, how annoying. Totally agree with Jo's suggestions too.

    When I started out, I couldn't walk very far, but that is what I did. I hurt, felt silly, but totally loved being out enjoying new scenery and felt invigorated by it. To this day, walking is my favourite activity, especially in our lovely Scottish countryside and I can now do 6 miles!

    Anyway, I hope you can find a solution to the bike or some other form of moving!

  3. Thank you for the great suggestions; it's just what I needed to hear!

  4. I'm going to commit to walking home from work as much as possible. As I am starting out, I agree that walking is the best thing to do. I'm lucky that I live in a big city and the walk home is only about 30-40 minutes and there is lots to look at as I walk.

    Hope your bike got adjusted to suit you!