Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bad, Mad, And Sad

It's been a bad day. My hormones are running amuck and someone said a couple of things to me that I found really offensive and I haven't been able to break out of this poor mood since. I even let if get me down enough that I opted out of exercise for the day, although I did manage to successfully battle my corresponding urge for ice cream. I am feeling sad and sorry for myself. I think it's just best if I go to bed...

- 8 glasses of water
- 1 wrap on a soft tortilla shell with deli ham, cheese, dried cranberries, spinach, fat free Miracle Whip, mustard, and pepper
- 3/4 cup fat free peach yogurt with 1 cup Vector cereal
- 2 cups strawberries with 95% fat free Cool Whip
- 2 cups celery with light peanut butter
- 1 pear
- 1 cranberry and almond multi-grain bar
- 2 1/2 cups steamed broccoli with margarine
- 1/4 cup corn with margarine
- 1/3 cup reduced-sodium three cheese pasta
- 1 small pork chop with cream of mushroom soup sauce
- 4 multi grain crackers
- 1 mug coconut steamed soy milk
- 1 banana

- 30 stomach crunches


  1. So sorry you had a bad day and that someone said hurtful things to you. I hope that today brings much better things. You deserve them.

  2. So to hear about that rude person, here's to a better day tomorrow!!

  3. Friggin hormones & people!!! When this happens to me, I exercise & work off the stress! No stupid person is gonna ruin my wokrout! :-)

  4. Only words, no matter what people say or do, they are only words it's how you react to them that make the person's words have meaning.
    Chin up, don't let one person's words that mean nothing effect you and your success!

  5. Sorry to hear. Sometimes I just have to tell myself that I'm done for that specific day. Each day is a re-do.

  6. Hope a new day brings a better day. I have those days, too, and always wonder if I'll snap out of it. I usually do, thank goodness.

  7. Feel better soon.

    Can't wait to see your May picture!

  8. Boo. Who said something to you, want me to rough them up a bit? ;-)
    Hope you feel better today.

  9. Oh man,

    I've had my share of bad days. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I must say, your weight FREAKING incredible. You go girl! I hope you have a better day tommorow!


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  11. GAH I hate days where you just resolve to go to bed cause it just seems like there is nothing that will make it get any better.

    And in case you didn't know it I'm a professional neck puncher if you need my assistance. First one is on the house!

  12. We are all entitled to bad days!!! Hope today is a much better day!! hugs!!

  13. Hugs xxx
    There is something on my blog for you xxx

  14. Bless your heart. I hate it when people say hurtful things, too. It's hard to overcome sometimes, but some sleep will help, and the next day is usually brighter. Hang in there girl....and if they keep giving you problems...tell 'em to come see me. :)

  15. hugs PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

    coming atcha from TX.


  16. You are all so sweet! (Even the offers for roughing up the person who offended me were nice - lol!)

  17. Mr. Lonely, just so you know I did try to go to your blog, but it came up as a 'dangerous site'. Sorry...

  18. I can't imagine anyone having any issue with you...
    sometimes things just "get said" and they don't mean it!
    Still it hurts.