Friday, April 16, 2010

Good For The Sole

I bought shoes! Not one, not two, and not three or four, but five pairs of shoes were purchased with a few swipes of my debit card today! Yikes! Trust me when I say I have probably never spent that much on shoes in a year, let alone all in one day.

One pair was for my husband, but the other four were all mine. We really were in poor shape with our footwear, so I just can’t bring myself to feel too bad about the multitude of new shoes we brought home tonight. Plus, they were all planned for, so there was no impulse buying going on which always makes me feel a little better about spending money we don’t really have. I’d feel much worse if I had just given in to some pretty heels or something I saw on a whim, but these were all items we knew we were going to get eventually. I just didn’t think we would do it all in one big shop!

My hubby got a great pair of running shoes that he is very happy with. He will be using them mostly for lacrosse, since he was recently invited to join a team. I ended up with a couple of staples. I got a replacement pair of light trail shoes for my day to day; they are duplicates of the ones I already own since the originals are pretty worn out. I also got a nice (and cheap) pair of sandals that I will wear regularly come summer as the last ones I had are a couple of years old and completely falling apart.

I also got some new toys! I purchased a beautiful pair of water sandals for dragon boating. I am a bit of a dork because I went with the colour that I know will match our team shirts. As much as I simply enjoy the look of them, I am actually really excited to use them since they are specifically designed for water sports. A couple of the women on my team have the same model that I bought and they swear by them. The comfort and grip are supposedly perfect for rowing since you need to really plant your feet and brace yourself with every stroke.

And I found a fantastic pair of runners at a huge sale we knew was starting today. I slipped those puppies on and my feet felt like they had come home! I have been jogging in my old pair of trail shoes and am pretty sure that I may be causing more harm than good with their lack of cushioning and proper support. It was time to buy the footwear actually creating for what I have been doing. They are the very first pair of authentic running shoes that I have ever bought with the intention of reserving their use strictly for – surprise, surprise – running.
I am really pleased that we got all of the shoes we so greatly needed. Sadly, I have used duct tape on my sandals and boots before and was not looking forward to the possibility of repeating that act of desperation. I also think that it’s pretty neat to be getting into the specialized items for rowing and jogging. I never would have thought that I would one day have a genuine need to purchase athletic footwear!

- 7 glasses of water
- 1 toasted raisin English muffin with light peanut butter
- 4 cups salad with sliced deli ham, grated cheese, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, onion, black olives, and honey mustard dressing
- 4 cups Caesar salad with shrimp, Parmesan cheese, and croutons
- 5 sweet potato fries with spicy mayonnaise
- 1 banana
- 1 toffee nut steamed skim milk

- 1 hour and 40 minutes of walking completed in 2 outings (1 hour long and 40 minutes long)
- 35 minute step workout video


  1. Love the shoe modeling.. very sassy..
    I love the red ones! You will be the sexy dragon-boater!!

    Enjoy your purchases!


  2. I love new shoes....good for you!!! And duct tape??? Are you serious???? lol are a necessity, not a luxury, lol. Don't wait so long next time! :)

  3. Now how cool is that!!!! Good for you! I have probs with shoes.. my VERY wide plus bunioned flat feet. Don't fit into many shoes! OH NO!

  4. You're so cute staging your shoes for a picture!

  5. I love my new shoes!!!

    Don't worry, Tammy, the duct tape was a long time ago, but yeah I did it! :o/