Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Out Of The Ordinary

I’ve noticed recently that there have been a couple of ‘bad’ eating days that I have mentioned on here. You would think that I would be frustrated by that fact, but I actually find it oddly reassuring.

We notice the things that are most out of the ordinary. Stuff that is commonplace fades into the background and is rarely recognized. It used to be the case that I would be really excited if I was able to pull off an on-track food day.

But those ‘good’ days are all strung together now into one long successful pattern. I barely notice that I am doing well because I have gotten used to it. It’s like my default has been replaced. There’s nothing remarkable about my day to day habits and so I only take stock when I am not following my typical routine.

The fact that I am noticing the times that I am off is really great! It means that I have become so fully entrenched in this new lifestyle that I can immediately discern the days when I have trouble sticking to the plan. My norm has completely changed!


  1. I pray for that day to come with me. truly. World peace be damned...all I want is food peace.

  2. Great topic! When you DO occasionally overeat, do you think you are actually hungry? (As in you have been burning more calories lately, for instance, and your body actually needs the energy and you are then given the go-ahead hunger signal.) Or do you attribute the overeating to something else? Or, is it not actually overeating at all, but simply making somewhat less healthy choices?

    I'm curious because I don't eat off plan but I have many days when I experience real hunger, or at least it's my perception of real hunger. On those days I hunker down and just get through.

  3. That is very helpful in helping me understand my two "off" days this week! Hope you're doing better emotionally 266!

  4. great! needing to eat more is a rarety for me as well.
    It is neat to see someone flip their whole lives.
    I like reading your blog for that reason.

  5. You'll get there, LauraLynne!

    Anonymous, I think it just depends on the day. Lots of things (exercise, hormones, hydration levels, etc.) can affect how hungry we are in a genuine manner, and - of course - the emotions can make us feel like we want to eat too. For me it's a combination that leans more towards the genuine side. I tend to listen to my body and feed it if I am hungry (although usually I do so prior to getting to the point of physical hunger) and have kept losing regardless, so I think it is wise to stay in tune with those signals. On the other hand, there are cravings (like yesterday) that are definitely just the result of external factors and which have little to do with actual hunger. Yes, I sometimes give into those, but I attempt to do so in moderation. For me, I have never made this journey about deprivation because I want it to be for life. I hope that helps!

    Dawne, I haven't had a chance to go by your blog for a few days! I'm sorry if you are having a rough go; I will be by to read tomorrow! Hugs!

    That is a really nice compliment, Chris! Thank you so much.