Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Was A Fool

At 266 pounds it was downright foolish to believe that I could lose over 100 pounds. As an obese woman it was ridiculous to think that I might one day be able to run for thirty minutes. Less than eight months ago, wearing size 10 clothing was an out of reach daydream.

Yet, here I am.

When I was in a state of ill health so severe that I could barely walk up a small hill, climbing a mountain was absolutely unthinkable. At a time when most sport adventures were nothing more than a passing fantasy, zip lining was certainly not meant to be a reality. If my heart would pound after a quick run to catch a bus, surely participating in a 5K was out of the question.

But, I have done all this and so much more.

Why would I believe in myself when I had proven again and again that I couldn’t lose the weight? What hope did I have for dismantling and reshaping decades of bad habits? How on earth was I to even begin the entire process?

Somehow, I managed.

I was the archetypal fool; the unyielding spirit who stands perpetually poised on the edge of a cliff. You will never have an unobstructed view without risking a fall, after all.

Maybe it was my ability to ignore reason that got me to this point. Perhaps, it was the childish way I refused to give in. It may have been stubbornness or ignorance or that wonderful mixture of madness and wisdom that so often accompanies such foolhardy actions and thoughts. Whatever it was that got me here, I know that I am thankful for it. I am happy I stood on that precipice and turned my attention from the abyss to the journey, from the doubts to the belief.

Is that foolish?


  1. If it's foolish, then it's the best kind! :) Great post. I've needed to up my better behaviors and reading your blog the past few months has really encouraged me to "get with it".

    I appreciate your continued perseverance in your journey, and how easily you share it with us all.

  2. I think you are so inspirational...

  3. Yeah you!! I love it. Thanks for sharing these thoughts and for sharing your journey.
    Another Fool

  4. Now it would be foolish to think you couldn't succeed at whatever you put your mind to. You're an inspiration.

  5. Wow! You inspire me to not give up! If that is the only thing you do for another on your journey know that is incredible what you have done for those of us still at the beginning...

  6. You are Inspirational, Motivational and Sensational!!!!

  7. Congrats- your words are very inspirational.

  8. great words...I just decided not to think about thinking, just doing.
    Size 10...too cool.
    I hope to be there soon.

  9. You are AMAZING! A true inspiration. I am SO proud of you... seriously! You ROCK!!!! :-)

  10. Wow! You guys are being way too kind... I appreciated it so much though! You make me want to do even better!

  11. You are an inspiration, thank you! Your pictures are too, you look great!