Friday, April 16, 2010

Significantly Transformed

Yup! It’s time for yet another installment of the Significant Milestone Awards! I just love handing these little accolades out to people and am so excited to pass around a bit of link love to these very deserving folks! I am very proud to introduce the latest recipients of my homemade badge of recognition:

Jack from Jack Sh*t, Getting’ Fit for reaching 1000 followers on his blog!

Seth from 1010 In 2010: My Journey for refusing to give up on his healthier lifestyle despite having a major goal temporarily put on hold due to a broken ankle!

Laura from 100in12 for hitting the 50 pounds lost mark!

Tricia from Endurance Isn’t Only Physical for hitting the 125 pounds lost mark!

Amy from Finding The Fit Girl! for making it to Onederland and for not giving up on her desire to stay there forever!

Dawne from 365 Days To A New Me for hitting the 75 pounds lost mark!

Jo from 285.5 for hitting the 75 pounds lost mark!

Matt from Lots To Lose for hitting the 25 pounds lost mark!

Tammy at From Fat To Fab for getting through a truly bad day with her sense of humour and her plan for a healthy lifestyle still in tact!


  1. Wowee... counting up all those lost lbs here and it's some kinda impressive!

    And thanks for the nod my way as well. Always appreciated, my friend.

  2. Awwwwww....thanks girl!!! And thanks for stopping by my blog this morning...but I don't see your weigh-in! Come back! lol :)

  3. hey just stumbled upon your blog and have to say great job!!!!!

  4. I am honored. Thank you. I think next week the 100's will be my permanet location.

  5. I came here from...actually I don't remember whose blog I was on cause I see you all over the place :)

    My starting weight back in December is right there with yours (hence the 263andcounting blog name). All I can say is INCREDIBLE!

    Thanks for the burst of determination!

  6. I love that you hand these out and I love your go getter attitude.
    I think I am going to make a blogger you know How to do that.
    There are so many people out there fighting the good fight against really tough odds.
    I thought you might know how...

  7. You all rock! I always feel so fortunate to be in the company of such great folks!

    Chris, I made mine by:
    a) Finding some free clipart for the background.
    b) Using the WordArt in Microsoft Word to do the text I wanted.
    c) Copying the text from Word into a Paint document on top of the clipart.
    You can always just mess around in paint as well to come up with something simpler. hope that helps!

  8. Thanks so much! I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to come by and thank you. I have been so busy and have not been able to get much of anywhere on visiting all the blogs I read. This award rocks!

    Keep up all of your hard work and I hope to be able to catch up on everything and stop by more often...keep inspiring all of us!