Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Planned Parenthood

A couple of months ago I started a collection of maternity wear. No, I am not outing a pregnancy, but rather thought that it would be wise to take advantage of my current journey’s resulting wardrobe changes so that I will be prepared for when I actually have use for such clothing.

Back in January, I gave away numerous bags of too large clothing with the assumption that I would soon have other items available for donation due to my continuing weight loss. Well, my guess was correct, but instead of sending my garments away this time I have put aside a small assortment of these bigger sizes for me to use when I do become pregnant.

I don’t have a lot of items so far. When I donated all of the clothing at the start of the year, I was left with very little. Since then, I have purchased stuff as I have needed it, but I am now dealing with much smaller sizes and there seems to be less differentiation between them. So my new clothing seems to be lasting me a bit longer, which is nice, but it means that I am not accumulating as many out-of-rotation items as quickly as I was before.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to be thinking ahead to plans that are not that far off in the future and to be re-designating items for myself even though I can’t use them right now. I am really hoping that it saves me a bit of money in the long run… it literally pays to think ahead!


  1. I just started following your blog. You have done so well and are definitely an inspiration.

  2. That's pretty smart! Belly Bands are a big helper in making non-maternity clothes fit as maternity clothes.

  3. I am doing the same :) I am thinking we will decide to have children in the next 5 years so I don't want to part with my too-big stuff quite yet...

  4. Good thinking! Maternity clothes can be so expensive.

  5. Personally, although you didn't ask for advice, I would ditch the bigger clothes. They won't fit like maternity clothes anyway...unless you can get someone to alter them or you are a very good seamstress. Even then, they wouldn't fit your bump after a certain point in the pregnancy unless they are huge. Plus, if they were my clothes, I would feel fat again in them, even though intellectually I would know that it is only baby weight. Some things are more important than saving money. I know, easy to say if you have it. Just my view as a former pregnant woman (3 times). :-)

  6. Doesn't hurt to think ahead, especially about good stuff like babies!
    I have to agree with Anon in that the bigger clothes won't fit well once you have a nice sized bump. They'll be good for the first several weeks, but after a while you'll probably be more comfortable in true maternity clothes.

  7. Use your idea. You'll always wonder if you don't.

    Congrats again on the size joy!

  8. yeah! good job on planning ahead.
    I hope you have use for them when the time comes.

  9. Thanks, everyone!

    Anonymous and Jenn, I never even thought of that (obviously I've never been pregnant)! I will defintitely keep that in mind although I do think I will hold onto the clothes to see if they work for the first part of the pregnancy.