Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Final Push

Wow, I am tired! As soon as I was done this evening with the bridal shower, my body started to shut down. I only got about two hours of sleep again last night as I was finishing stuff for the party today and that is after not getting enough rest earlier in the week too. Add that to the fact that I have been very ‘go-go-go!’ for the past month and a half and it is no wonder that my system wants to turn itself off the second it realizes there is even one iota of breathing room!

However, I need it to pull it out for just one more day. I have a dragon boating regatta in the morning and we are doing three races with me probably being in the lead for all of them. I know that the team is relying on me and I have to deliver! So… it is off to bed for me in an attempt to soothe my body into providing just one more good day before it decides to cut out completely and get sick or go on strike or something. G’nite!

- 5 glasses of water
- 1 ham and cheese crepe
- 1 extra large cinnamon stick
- 1 banana
- 6 cups pasta salad with cubed cheese, cucumber, broccoli, celery, garden green onion, red pepper, mushrooms, grated carrot, and calorie-wise Greek feta and oregano dressing
- 3 glasses sangria punch with apple and strawberry slices
- 20 vegetable crackers with shrimp, cream cheese, and spicy tomato sauce dip
- 4 whole grain cranberry and hazelnut crackers
- 2 slices homemade white chocolate Kahlua cheesecake with chocolate covered strawberries
- 1 slice homemade toffee nut cake with butter cream icing and fondant
- 1 large glass mango tropical smoothie
- 12 miniature homemade sugar cookies
- 1 sip pumpkin spice steamed soy milk
- 2 cups mint chocolate bar ice cream blend

- 10 squats


  1. Hope the dragon boating went well & now you can get some very muchly needed rest!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think the Prime Minister gets more sleep than you with your projects.

  3. Hang in there your body will not give up the ghost because you have been treating it well...

  4. Good luck with the regatta! You need good sleep for that!

  5. Regatta went really well and, no, I didn't fall asleep while paddling! ;)

    Dawne, if I had been drinking milk when I read your comment it would have shot straight outta my nose! Thanks for that one, girl! Too funny!!!