Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Blog, Or Not To Blog

I have been thinking a lot about whether to make the decision to taper off on my blogging. It takes up a lot of time and whenever I get busy the depth of my entries really suffers. I think that in a lot of ways that it would be a wise move to loosen my commitment to this corner of the web and to just post occasionally.

But I don’t want to. For so many reasons, I just can’t bear the thought of such a choice at this point in time. I need this blog. Even if all I write in a day is “grr” or “arg” at least I am connecting to that part of my brain that is accountable to the big picture. If my entire post consists of just my food and exercise lists, I still gain a small sense of focus on this journey. And even though my entries may lack in exciting or thoughtful content from time to time (to time to time to time, as the case may be of late) I yet am reaching out to the masses in some form and hopefully modeling a dedication that may inspire a similar level of perseverance in the face of such blatant personal imperfection.

No, I am not going anywhere. I may not always have a lot to say and I don’t know what the future has in store. Eventually it is possible that this forum will take more of a back seat for me as I continue to walk this path. But, for now, I really am happy that I have kept it up - one “grr” and “arg” post at a time.

- 8 glasses of water
- 2 Mandarin oranges
- 1 cranberry almond multi-grain bar
- 1 mug sugar free caramel cinnamon dolce steamed skim milk
- 6 inch sub on a Parmesan oregano bun with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, onion, black olives, light mayonnaise, honey mustard dressing, and pepper
- 7 cheese and potato perogies with bacon pieces, fried onion, and sour cream
- 2 cups mint chocolate bar ice cream blend

- 45 minute walk


  1. Yay for staying! LOL Good choice! :)

  2. I am at the same thought as you! If I get busy in my day-to-day, my posts are worthless to write! And read for that matter! And because I know so many people read my blog (friends and family), I feel like I have to write some brillant post each time! Which doesn't happen!

  3. Blooging is a tool we all use in different ways and like all things in life we use different tools at different stages. When it becomes a pressure to blog it fails to be enjoyable.

    You must do what is best for you. There seems to be a lot of similar posts around at the moment, maybe there is a cycle we were not aware of and it is now becoming apparent. I think there are changes afoot for many of us.

  4. I'm glad you're staying!! Just wondering, do you watch Buffy or Angel? At the end of every episode there is a little monster that says "Grrr - Arg". Haha, it just made me think of that!

  5. Glad you are going to stay for now! Even if you don't have alot of time for writing this blog represents a very inspiring story. Your weekly weigh-ins on the right side can prove to a newcomer searching the web for inspriration that it really can be done!

  6. I'm glad that you are going to continue to blog. Even if it is just "Grr!" and "Argh!". This is your personal playspace, write what you want. When you want. Do what works for you. :D

  7. Even if it was once a week it would still be good for you to check in with yourself so to speak. Do what is best for you :-)

  8. I understand you on this thought. If it will help you to have that one small piece to keep you focused then I think getting in a "grrr" or "argh" here and there, oh and don't forget the "Yay!"s too, is a great idea.

    For some of us, just knowing you are there and haven't given up on your health is an encouragement. And we'll know that by an update here and there.

    That being said, if you need to stop the blogging, just please reassure us it's only because you are busy and not because you have decided to quit your newfound healthy lifestyle. We'll understand and wish you all the best. :)

  9. Trust me to put a spoke in the wheel......

    I have recently found difficulty in a daily blogginess -- me who can talk for England. Why is that I asked self?..why does it seem at the moment - to be getting in the way, when it was so vital only a short while ago?

    It is true that I am a busy bee, but so I was a few short weeks ago...but despite being busy - it was a priority for me to sit here for a short while each day - and do this stuff.

    At the moment I am what my MIL would call Lackdaisy...yes that was a deliberate mistake lol...in that things are very much sorta (note the word) on track and I am sorta (again) doing it how I know I should and I am sorta succeeding. Along with all those sorta's -- goes a sorta attitude to blogging too - I am only sorta committed.

    I am pretty sure that superbloggers feel a pressure to write scintillating copy - to have something valid to say, and it must be hard. The trick I guess is to write what you want to write - not what you think others want you to say...or expect you to say.

    Take back ownership of your blog - its for you -- to do with what whatever you need it to do.

    I think we need to blog -- I think we know we need to blog - I think we stop blogging when our hearts and thinking start telling us fibbies. I think we know what we need is not always the same as what we want.

    But what the heck do I know!

  10. Sometimes a "grrr" or "aarrg" post is all we have to give and that's ok. This space should be whatever works for you. I find it inspiring to read about people on every part of their journey. Those trying to get into the groove, those that are struggling, those that are losing, plateauing and maintaining. There are lessons to be learned from everyone on every single part of the journey.

  11. I actually have to encourage you because you are the biggest inspiration to me. I've been blogging... gosh, 1 1/2 years now, and I've read many blogs. Yours is at the top of my list for weight-loss inspiration!!! I LOVE your Food & Beverage section, which inspired me to do the same on my blog. But I also have season's where I blog daily, then weekly... we all go through different seasons. I say, if it's getting in the way of "real life" then you should trust your instincts and do what you need to do... but a weekly update would be nice. We all know that you couldn't give it up forever, now could you... I'm speaking from my experience anyway. It's too good. But do what's best for you : ) Congrats on the hard work and awesome results anyway!!! A true warrior. Keep it up : )

  12. Don't be too hard on yourself. You don't need to blog everday. Don't worry if you don't post your food everyday. Blog about your stress or any other thing that helps you stay on your path.

  13. You have lost an incredible amount of weight! Your pictures to the right are inspiring. You do what you need to do keep moving forward in life. Congratulations!

  14. I think this post was more about releasing any pressure I may feel than anything else. Sometimes writing about how writing is hard makes it okay! :)

    Sam, that's exactly where it is from! Love those series and that little monster! ;)

    Leah, I won't for get the "yay's", but thank you for the reminder!

    Blue, very insightful, as always. I know I am not at the top of my game, but I also feel like I am doing the best I can without burning out. We do what we can, right?!

  15. Ya got to do what is right for you & feels right for you. I struggle with the same thing about blogging..... I think many of us do!