Friday, June 25, 2010

Gym Class

I got in a lot of high energy workout time at the gym I am trying out today. I participated in a Boxercise class where, even though there were only four of us in attendance, I thought that I did a good job of keeping up with – and even leading – the pack. I also had a personal training session with the owner who showed me a routine using the weight machines they have at the facility. Personally, I am still partial to doing exercises that I can perform just about anywhere, but it was still a nice change to use equipment I have never had access to before.

I also brought the owner copies of my ‘before’ picture from August and one of the most recent ‘progress’ ones too. When we were chatting yesterday about how far I have come on this journey he said that he was having a hard time picturing me and asked me to bring in some photos; I even brought a few random shots from last spring and summer. He was pretty amazed. He kept on saying that he always has people telling him that it can’t be done.

It’s tough for me because for a decade and a half I felt just like that: that it couldn’t be done. I think that it makes me more sympathetic to people who are feeling that way. I understand the frustration and utter sense of hopelessness that can take one over when weight is a struggle. Now, I know that if I can do it that anyone can, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is much easier said than done.

At any rate, it was nice to receive that pat on the back, and the owner was friendly and really great to have as a trainer. We are supposed to have another session on Monday where he will show me a different routine. And tomorrow is Cardio Kickboxing…

- 14 glasses of water
- 1 banana
- 1 piece white toast with light peanut butter
- 1 gala apple
- 1 wrap on a soft tortilla shell with deli ham, cheese, dried cranberries, spinach, fat free Miracle Whip, mustard, and pepper
- 1 Mandarin orange
- 1 1/2 cups macaroni and cheese with pepper
- 1 cup steamed green beans, broccoli, mushrooms, and onion with margarine
- 2 strips bacon
- 1 large golden delicious apple
- 1 small mug sugar free caramel cinnamon dolce steamed skim milk

- 30 minutes of walking completed in 2 outings (both 15 minutes)
- 50 minute Boxercise class
- 20 minutes on a recumbent bike
- 4 sets of 10 reps each for 3 leg exercises, 4 arm exercises, and 3 abdominal exercises

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