Sunday, September 20, 2009

Advertising Healthier Outlooks

I scoured the internet for more commercials bringing the problem of poor body image to the forefront and found that it was a difficult task. I see that there are lots of videos made by random people or as school projects and so on, but my attempts to find advertisements that seek to share this message largely fell short. I know that it is only in recent memory that the media has attempted to undo some of the harm caused by their previous unending barrage of images of tall, slender, perfectly-proportioned women, but I was hopeful that I would find a better selection of these commercials than I did.

I even specifically searched for videos highlighting the fact that men are not immune to the depletion in self-esteem due to the prevalence of prior marketing strategies featuring good looking, ultra-toned males, but I was unable to find a single one speaking to this branch of the issue. It is sad that even with the turn around that we have seen of late regarding what is valued physically, that the progress in getting the message out has been so slow.

The following links connect with the few short advertisements I was able to locate that are trying to send a more realistic message of what is healthy:

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