Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Working Out My Work Out

Something that I realized yesterday is that I am really pleased that my current workout options only encompass things that I can do virtually anywhere. My recumbent bicycle is really the only thing that I must do at home, but even having that as a fixed piece of equipment in my own house takes a lot of pressure off a woman still in the early stages of such lifestyle changes.

I completely recognize the value of going to a gym and I truly believe that fitness classes are a wonderful way to get in shape while interacting more with others. I also know that many people out there have had a large degree of success hiring personal trainers. I have tried all of these in the past, but none have worked nearly so well for me as what I am doing right now.

For me, I love the knowledge that I can incorporate lunges, crunches, and walks into my day at virtually any time. Admittedly, a few of my work-out options may find me hunkered down in the ladies room hiding from embarrassment, but overall I really like that I can travel with my routine. I could go anywhere in the world right now and still be able to get in the same exercise that I have been for the last month without needing to worry about schedules or gym memberships or DVD players.

Again, I have full respect for all other types of work-out programs; I would not have tried virtually every option out there if I didn’t see their value. However, I am really pleased that I feel like I have finally found what works for me. No more excuses!

The gym’s closed… sorry, but my ability to lift anything (soup cans, rock, etc.) is here twenty-four / seven.

It’s too late or too early to get in touch with my trainer… hello, I’m right here!

I can’t make it to class today; I’m too busy… you have one minute free right now; drop and give me thirty.

The power’s out and I can’t play my video… yet the front door and my feet still work.

I’m on vacation and can't find the nearest stairmaster… we’re staying on the third floor, figure it out!

I think the key component that I was missing all along is that I kept on forgetting how very lazy I am. I don’t want to haul myself to the gym every other day, watch a work-out DVD while my favorite television show is on, or feel like I am limited by someone else’s schedule. It all comes back to what I believe I can sustain in the long run. My feelings may eventually change – they already have on a number of things in the short time I have been committed to this – but one thing that I know will stay true forever is that if I can keep long term success in the back of my mind, I will continue making the decisions that are right for me.


  1. You are doing a great job and I am so happy you have found something that works for YOU! :D

    "It’s too late or too early to get in touch with my trainer… hello, I’m right here!"


    Keep it up! You are doing AMAZINGLY and your posts always inspire me to give it my all! :D

  2. I totally agree, the path of least resistance is the path that gets my booty in gear as well!

  3. It helps to recognize one's inner laziness. ;)

  4. Good for you! Yes, that it is key. Making choices that work for you. You will never stick with it otherwise, let me tell ya!

  5. You are just such an incredible inspiration...so real with such real options on how to lose this weight...I love that you share it all with us...with me. Thank you. :)