Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Not Walking This Path Alone

I am planning on a big walk today. I'm not sure if he'll be into it, but I'm going to try to convince my husband to go with me around that huge park that I have mentioned before. It has a ten kilometer perimeter and is beautiful and scenic, plus it takes exactly two hours to complete which is great for making me feel like I really accomplished something significant.

Speaking of my darling hubby, I have to say that I am extremely proud of him. He hates healthy food and is a real drive through kind of guy, but he has been really supportive this time around. He is changing a lot of his habits and making dozens of small adjustments that have really benefited us both on this journey.

Even though he is not actually trying to lose weight, he has dropped over ten pounds since I began walking this path and he has faithfully been travelling by my side. For the first time since I've known him he weighs under two hundred pounds!

He has been more conscious of what he eats on a daily basis, taking carrots and apples to work most days. Plus, when he does treat himself, he has been taking smaller amounts, turning down things like ice cream, and skipping the whip on his hot chocolate. I know that it's not a perfect diet, but for him it is an enormous change and I couldn't be prouder of him for putting in such a great effort.

I have to admit that I was flabbergasted when he let me put lettuce on a couple of wraps that I made for him, whereas before he jokingly claimed that he was allergic to anything green. This morning, he announced that he had performed a number of stomach crunches and push-ups without provocation - okay, so I've been suggesting he do something like that for a couple of weeks now, but I never said a word today!

The pièce de résistance was that he just showed me an old medium sized shirt that finally fits him. He used to be an extra large (or a large, depending on the cut) and to get down to a medium is a great accomplishment. So, to my husband, I say thank you! Your support means the world to me, and I am so pleased and touched that you have chosen to join me on this path to healthier lives for the both of us.


  1. Lovely way to honour your husband!

  2. I love that you have posted this. It's just a testimony to your dedication that he has begun to follow you on this path.

  3. YEAH FOR husbands!! Great job! I used to think that I was allergic to all things green (except for mint chocolate chip ice cream)LOL! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog today!!

    To answer your question. I first received a call from a journalist from the local newspaper, telling me that they came across my blog and was interested in following my journey. They wrote an HIT counter skyrocketed after that article was released. Then other newspapers and radio stations started calling. I had also linked my blog with Participaction's website and they came calling!! I then recorded a TV commercial which is currently running nationally here in Canada. It's just been incredible!!

  4. I know you mentioned that your husband's diet "isn't the perfect diet," but if he's losing weight while still feeling content with what he's eating, sounds pretty perfect to me. :-)

  5. Oh wow....I can't even imagine having Dwayne on board. He absolutely refuses to eat vegetables. His mom told me at dinner once, "I gave him a spoonful of peas when he was a baby, and it's all gone downhill from there." She's not exaggerating, lol. I'm so glad that you have that kind of support right by your side. And I'm happy for him that he's benefitting from the healthier choices. Smaller sizes are so great! :)

  6. Great news about your DH! Mine has started eating yogurt and fibre bars -- he walks with me, too.
    Wonderful feeling, isn't it, to have that much support at home?

  7. AWWW that is totally AWESOME!! So proud of you and for hubby it does make the world of difference!!

  8. That is great, it just shows that small changes make for big differences. My husband is eating healthily with me and he is looking slimmer. He only needs to lose 7 pounds or so.

    Enjoy your walk, it sounds wonderful.Take your camera...


  9. That is so awesome that your husband has not only supported you but also joined in!!!